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Prior to 2019, Corey Finkelstein had never considered owning a Jeep.

The director of Hagerty Insurance’s Signature Services Group already owned a few cars, including a company car that he used to get to work from Wasaga Beach. When he and his wife, Laurie Coupland, were looking for a fun new vehicle, good fuel economy or practicality weren’t their main concerns. Instead, they wanted something they could enjoy with the roof down when the weather was nice.

It was around the same time that the Jeep Wrangler was redesigned, replacing the JK with the JL series. Numerous changes have been made to the vehicle, from a new diesel engine to a new style, modern equipment and an improved overall reputation and reliability. So the couple jumped on board and bought the 2019 Jeep Wrangler.

But when Jeep announced the release of the Willys Edition for 2021, Copeland, who always had a penchant for original cars (before the Wrangler, she owned a Nissan Juke) got excited. The pair found a way to swap their 2019 for the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys at Orangeville Chrysler in October 2020. Although the Jeep is Copeland’s daily driver, Finkelstein often takes it out for his driving pleasure. Here, Finkelstein explains why he loves his Jeep.

“The main reason we bought the Jeep was its resale value,” said Finkelstein, whose job is to provide specialist insurance for high-end vehicles. “We compared that to the Mini Countryman – and I know these aren’t comparable vehicles, but they were in the same price range – and I looked at the resale value after a year, and the Countryman was close to half while the Jeep was still near the original retail value.

“I don’t know exactly why. I think it’s the desirability and fun factor. They’re pretty bulletproof vehicles too – you can really beat it, and the price is right. That’s why we switched to 2021 because we haven’t lost anything. Yes, we had the cost of using it for a year and a bit, but the Jeep holds its value, and there aren’t many cars on the market that do that.

“We bought the Jeep without being seen and put our money down before it got to the field,” Finkelstein said. “Our dealership was able to find us an initial stock from another dealership in St. Catharines. There wasn’t a lot of information on this specific vehicle because it was so new, but we already knew what the Jeep looked like, and the interior options are very similar, so we knew what we were getting into. We bought the Willys package more than anything. I think our 2019 Jeep sold a few days after we put it in the used Jeep lot.

“The 2019 we bought looked more like a street Jeep. It had less aggressive road tires and a color (anthracite gray) that was not very dynamic. The Willys suits our personality. We’re not off-roaders so it’s not like a crazy built Jeep, but it has more aggressive wheels, includes LED headlights (as opposed to the 2019 which has it as a higher tier option that we didn’t go for), a four-wheel drive sticker on the tailgate and the Willys badge on the side. We were very excited about the kind of heritage the Willys brand is adding to the vehicle, and the Sarge Green was really the determining factor. We bought it for the color. [Laughs.]

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys Sport 2021

“We like the presence he has on the road: it’s a bit of an eye-catcher with the color and the exit badge. But the most interesting is the community. So there is this Jeep Wave that you do when you pass another Jeep. This is something we had to get used to. It’s funny because we also have a Mini Cooper Roadster, and if you waver, people think something’s wrong with you. [Laughs.]

“Once in Creemore, I got to the vehicle and there was a hooked duck stuck in the doorknob. And I was like, ‘what is this?’ It’s basically a Canadian thing and it means you’ve been ‘conned’ and are supposed to keep putting a rubber duck or a crochet duck on other Jeeps. [to help spread the Jeep love]. A lot of Jeep owners will buy a bunch of them and drop them on people’s fenders and stuff. It’s pretty cool.

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Finkelstein and Copeland love the Willys’ look, from the badge to the Sarge Green color.

“It’s kind of a unique color,” Finkelstein said. “It’s not crazy, but it stands out; he had just come out and was not available before that. I also think it’s more like a legacy story. It’s kind of reminiscent of the days of the Willys-Overland (producer of military jeeps), so it gives it a bit more of a military feel.


“This model is a bit like a mild hybrid. It has a 48 volt electric motor attached to the motor [acting as a starter-generator]”Said Finkelstein. “That wasn’t the reason we bought it, but it has a bit more pickup. The autostart on this model is much faster, so when you get to the brake light, put your foot on the brake, and the engine stops, it just starts instantly, where there was a bit of a lag with it. the 2019 Cowboy. And I understand the kind of mild hybrid has something to do with that.


Wrangler’s easy-to-remove and install soft top system can be tilted for a convertible-style soft top.

“Anytime I get in the vehicle, whatever the weather – unless it’s raining, I just throw the roof down, and it’s super easy,” said Finkelstein. “[Laurie’s] absolutely addicted to Jeep. It’s her truck side, her driving, her handling, and she loves being able to get off the roof and enjoy the sun. It is difficult to get the keys out of his hands.

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