What is the longest beach in the world? A list of the top five


Beaches are the final destination for many people during their well-deserved vacation. Whether one loves beaches for long romantic walks in the evening, for relaxing on a sunny day, or for any recreational event, the beach is widely recognized as the primary symbol of vacation. What is the longest beach in the world?

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A long walk on the beach is something special. One of life’s most pleasurable experiences is the feeling of sand between your toes, the roar of the ocean beside you, and a breeze blowing through your hair. Walking on the beach is something everyone should do at least once in a while.

Top 5 longest beaches in the world

Beaches are popular summer vacation destinations because they relieve busy work environments. There are many beaches in the world, each with its distinct characteristics and records. The following beaches are among the five longest beaches in the world, with endless stretches of glistening sand that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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1. Cassino Beach

The longest beach in the world
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  • Length: 254 kilometers or 158 miles
  • Country location: Brazil

Brazil’s Praia do Cassino, also known as Cassino Beach, tops the list of the longest beaches in the world. It stretches 158 miles from the Rio Grande to the southernmost border that defines Brazil, cementing its reputation as the longest unbroken beach in the world.

However, it is not just the length of the coast that makes Cassino beach a popular tourist destination. The rolling dunes and stunning stretch of flat golden sand are home to a variety of wildlife as awe-inspiring as the sheer magnificence of coastal glory.

2. Coorong

The longest beach in the world
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  • Length: 194 kilometers or 121 miles
  • Country location: Australia

The Coorong, Australia’s longest beach, is located in South Australia, about 200 kilometers southeast of Adelaide. The beach is located in Coorong National Park, and renting a 4×4 is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cruise along the ocean. Adelaide International Airport is the nearest major international airport (ADL).

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3. Ninety Mile Range

The longest beach in the world
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  • Length: 145 kilometers or 90 miles
  • Country location: Australia

Australia’s Ninety Mile Beach lives up to its standards more than you might have imagined. The most golden sands lie seductively beside Tasman’s bluest waters, made all the more stunning by the breathtaking sunsets that make Ninety Mile Beach such an attractive haven for tourists.

Beach dunes that stretch from a spit near Port Albert to the man-made channel at the entrance to the lake protect Gippsland, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest inland water source, from Bass Strait.

4. Cox’s Bazaar Beach

The longest beach in the world
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  • Beach length: 120 kilometers or 75 miles
  • Country Location: Bangladesh

What is the longest sea beach in the world? Cox’s Bazar Beach in Bangladesh is the longest unbroken natural sea beach in the world, stretching 75 miles from north to south from Sea Beach to Kolatoli Beach. Cox’s Bazar combines three beaches: Laboni, Humchari and Inani.

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Cox’s Bazar ranks fourth among the longest beaches in the world. It is also the longest in the Indian Ocean and in all of Asia. It is named after the Bangladeshi town of Cox’s Bazar, located in Chittagong Division.

The beach begins in the Bangladeshi town of Cox’s Bazar. It then continues south along Himchari National Park before being interrupted by the Reju Channel. This incredible beach scenery is also complemented by its pristine sunsets and climate, making it a major tourist destination due to its vibrant life and flourishing activities.

5. Padre Island National Seashore

The longest beach in the world
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  • Beach length: 113 kilometers or 70 miles
  • Country location: Bangladesh

Padre Island National Seashore features 70 miles of white sand on a thin barrier island facing the Gulf of Mexico, the longest undeveloped stretch of barrier island in the world.

In addition to its extensive coastline, this stretch of sand in the United States is notable for its huge population of sea turtles. It also has exceptional flora and fauna. The Padre Stretch is one of the most unique waterfronts in the world, with two distinct sides; the gulf and the lagoon.

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Why is Marina the longest beach?

Marina Beach is a natural urban beach located along the Bay of Bengal in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The beach stretches 6.0 kilometers or 3.7 miles from Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south, making it the second longest urban beach in the world after Cox’s Bazar Beach.

Which Canadian province has the longest freshwater beach in the world?

Wasaga Beach is a 14 kilometer long or 8.6 mile freshwater beach located in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. The beach is located in Wasaga Beach National Park in the town of Wasaga Beach.

What is the longest beach in the world? Praia do Cassino in Brazil is the longest beach in the world. It stretches 150 miles or 254 kilometers from the Rio Grande to Brazil’s southernmost border.

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