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By Laurie Hill

In tough times, it’s with committed effort that the Capitola Beach Festival committee delivers – and, does it with lights, music, a creative message, and the chance of a parade floating along. ‘a cove at night, under a bridge, on a barge with barely a paddle.

ScAvengers • Our community superheroes

Six float teams participated in the 3rd annual Capitola Beach Festival Illuminated Nautical Parade on Soquel Creek in the village of Capitola.

Built around the theme of the “Community Spirit” festival, the floats were as diverse and creative as the teams themselves.

The opening of the parade was a lighted boat celebrating “Our Community in September”. Neal Savage, president of the festival’s rowboat races, invited the crowds to join the races and baited them to come to the fishing tournament with a silver catch on his fishing rod.

With just 10 days to build, the late entry of the “ScaAvengers” group “Our Community Superheroes” honored healthcare workers and showcased a lighted recycled cardboard hospital surrounded by glowing bags carrying messages with thoughts of friends. and families affected by COVID-19. A family effort, led by a grandmother, her three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren aged 2 to 10 years old.

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Tola • A love

With just 12 days to prepare, the Cork and Fork Friends have gone old-fashioned, with a floating music festival, tie-dye backdrops, brilliant lighting techniques reminiscent of theatrical productions and live performance. from Glennie B of “Try Love Each Other Right Now.” Their float placed third and receives a $ 500 donation to their favorite local charity.

Meanwhile, two returning float construction crews clashed with remarkable technical talent.

Two-time parade winner: Team ‘Tola’s’ One Love’ lit up the cove with a giant beating heart, vibrant rainbow, all brilliantly lit by 5,000 LED lights, string lights and strobes and a light show coded by their “next generation” builders. Hearts swelled at their message of love, community and unity during this time of rebuilding and reopening, ending with a quote from Mr. Rogers “Won’t you be my neighbor? Team ‘tola’s entry took second place and a $ 750 prize for their favorite charity.

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Jewelry boxes • Spirit of Capitola

The “Jewel Boxers” returned this year with “The Spirit of Capitola” celebrating Capitola and its many community activities. The winner of the second place in 2019, said that they “have put everything in place” this year, with good results. A giant screen, lit on both sides by a vibrant, talking green octopus that showcased ukulele bands, art and wine, Monte’s fireworks, and Wednesday night concerts. The octopus closed with a call to stay safe and get vaccinated. The Jewel Boxers take pride in the recyclability of their driveway and plan to reconfigure it for 2022. The Jewel Boxers took first place and a $ 1,000 donation to charity.

Concluding the parade, “Good Work” was designed and built by Parade President Thea Luiten and several members of the Beach Festival committee. Simply and straightforward, their float expressed gratitude and appreciation to all members of the community who have worked hard throughout this year of a ‘world down’ and has been dedicated to her son, a medical assistant. , colleagues in the emergency room and her nursing students at Cabrillo College.

As he saw it, with hundreds of spectators, the announcer of the Michael Termini show exclaimed “What a comeback! “

Next year you too can participate. The festival provides the barge and the yard, you provide the lights and the fun.


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