Weiss family donates $15,000 to Two Skate Arena and Library campaign


A local family with strong ties to the community donated $15,000 to the two-story arena and library project.

“As a family with two young children who will be using the library and arena for years to come, we see the value that a new arena and two-pad library will be to our community, and we want to support our community as may it continue to grow,” Brandon and Melissa Weiss said.

The family’s donation will go to library study rooms and include name recognition.

The couple noted that Melissa’s family – the Wells – have a rich history in Wasaga Beach. She and Brandon believe that a donation is a great way to recognize their family heritage.

“We hope our donation will encourage other families to contribute to the project,” they said.

Melissa has fond memories of growing up in Wasaga Beach and remembers figure skating at Wasaga Stars Arena, where her three brothers also played hockey.

Additionally, his childhood memories relate to visiting the Wasaga Beach Public Library, especially when it was the 19and North Street.

Brandon has lived in Wasaga Beach since 2001. He volunteered in minor hockey for four years, during which time he served as treasurer.

The couple say the new arena and library will play a vital role in community life.

“We look forward to seeing our family, extended family and friends enjoy the new library and arena – playing hockey, learning to skate and using the community spaces for years to come,” they said.

Mayor Nina Bifolchi, on behalf of council, thanked the couple for their generosity.

“This meaningful donation is greatly appreciated and will touch our community for years to come,” said Mayor Bifolchi.

Learn more about donation opportunities for the Two Skate Arena and Library Project by visiting our website.

General project information

In January 2019, City Council identified the twin arena and library project as a priority for this term. The Wasaga Stars Arena, built nearly 50 years ago, is nearing the end of its life. The library, which opened in 1994, is too small to meet the needs of our growing community. A review, including a community consultation process, determined 544 River Rd. W. as the best site for a new 117,669 square foot joint-use facility. When the new complex opens in the summer of 2023, it will include two NHL-sized ice rinks, an indoor walking track, a modern library with appropriate program space, and meeting rooms. The city is funding the $59 million investment through reserves, long-term funding and community donations.


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