Wasaga Beach mayor ‘dismayed’ after visitors to town left mess and violate COVID-19 restrictions


The mayor of Wasaga Beach, Ont., Said she was “appalled” after visitors flooded the city’s waterfront over the weekend, left mess and violated current COVID-19 restrictions in Province.

Photos circulated on social media on Sunday showing trash – including plastic bottles, cups and cans – strewn across the city’s main beaches. The garbage came from the previous day’s activities for which hundreds of people were said to have been present.

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Ryan Siig and Paige Sheppard live about a 10 minute walk to the beach and went for a bike ride on Sunday morning. It was then that they observed garbage dumped all around Beaches 1 and 2, as well as the promenade.

“I was disgusted that people left this kind of mess,” Siig said.

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Ryan Siig and Paige Sheppard went for a bike ride to Wasaga Beach on Sunday morning and found trash left on Beaches 1 and 2, as well as on the boardwalk.

Supplied / Ryan Siig and Paige Sheppard

Sheppard said she and Siig were disappointed that no one had enforced COVID-19 restrictions on the waterfront.

Supplied / Ryan Siig and Paige Sheppard

Sheppard told Global News that she and Siig love living in Wasaga Beach, although she thinks it’s sad that people come to enjoy the waterfront and don’t throw their trash in or take it back. at their home.

“There’s a huge clean-up every morning after every weekend like this,” Sheppard said, adding that she had heard there had been a 200-person party the night before.

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“We are also disappointed that there was no enforcement to do with the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place. We have been isolating at home for as long as the restrictions are in place and longer. “

Sheppard and Siig went for a swim at the beach on Saturday, but Sheppard said people don’t socialize or wear masks. She also said that large groups of people were in attendance.

“It was way too busy for us to stay,” Sheppard said. “I think we were the only masked people at the beach.”

Siig and Sheppard went for a swim on the waterfront on Saturday when they saw crowds of people not wearing masks or social distancing.

Supplied / Ryan Siig and Paige Sheppard

On Monday, Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolichi said the city likes to welcome visitors, but they need to behave better, show respect and follow the rules.

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“The residents are angry and rightly so,” she said in a statement. “Our city was not alone, as several other Ontario waterfront communities experienced similar alarming activity.

“Behavior that leaves parts of our community looking like dumping ground, behavior that disrupts our residents, and behavior that puts public health at risk is simply unacceptable. “

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Representatives from Wasaga Beach meet regularly to talk to the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Parks. Officials said they would continue those conversations to ensure public health and safety needs are met and the rules are enforced.

“If our provincial partners need additional resources this summer to protect our community and ensure public safety, then this is something we are happy to stand up for,” said Bifolchi.

“The provincial park, which includes the waterfront, falls under the jurisdiction of the province. The Government of Ontario – park wardens and the Ontario Provincial Police – have a duty to ensure the safe operation of the park.

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