Wasaga Beach Council Highlights – July 28, 2022

Integrity commissioners say adviser breached code of conduct

City of Wasaga Beach Integrity Commissioners have found Councilman Joe Belanger violated council’s code of conduct for the fourth time this term.

In a report to council, commissioners said Belanger breached the code when he took to social media in May and made comments that undermined council negotiations with selected company Bayloc Developments Inc. as part of a request for proposals process to redevelop city-owned land at the waterfront.

The council accepted the decision of the integrity commissioners, including the recommended sanction – a 30-day salary suspension for the councillor.

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Geosands Inc. Annual General Meeting

The Board hosted the Annual General Meeting of Geosands Inc.

Geosands is the parent company of Wasaga Distribution Inc.

The Board heard that Geosands is growing, in good financial shape and has approved the organization’s audited financial statements for 2021.

Watch the presentation.

Council approves request for proposals for recreation guide

Board members approved the awarding of a request for proposals for creative and printing services for the semi-annual recreation guide.

The Board approved a contract with Raesgo Creative at a cost of $55,965 for the next six editions of the guide.

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Joint-use facility with school board moving forward

The board received an update on plans from the Simcoe County District School Board for a new elementary school in the Sunnidale Trails development.

They also approved that the city commit its estimated proportionate share of the site’s capital costs at $1.7 million.

The school will operate under a joint facility use agreement with the city that allows the city to use the school space as a community center during non-school times, based on the terms of agreement, including a financial commitment. The Board approved the conclusion of the agreement in 2021.

Joint-use elements include the lobby, washrooms, multi-purpose room, kitchenette, and double gymnasium with wood flooring, as well as a portable stage system.

Chris Roos, director of recreation, events and facilities, wrote in the update to council that the project is now ready for tender.

He noted that the school board aims to open the new facility in the fall of 2023.

Read the full staff report.

New Approved Brand Tool Kit

The new municipal branding toolkit was approved.

Council approved the city’s new branding in June. The toolkit consists of visual identity guidelines for the new brand.

The city plans to roll out the new brand in August. Look for it in Council Highlights.

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Presentation of the Wasaga Society for the Arts

Ken Voss of the Wasaga Society for the Arts made a presentation to the Coordinating Committee on July 21.

Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the community services section of the committee, provided council with an overview of the presentation.

The organization’s mission is “to advance public appreciation of the arts by encouraging, supporting, facilitating and promoting initiatives and activities for the development of the artistic communities of Wasaga Beach and Southern Georgian Bay”.

“No wake-up” zone requested

The owners of Shaka Wasaga presented themselves to the Coordinating Committee on July 21.

The local cruise line requested a “no wake” zone on the Nottawasaga River, starting at Nancy Island and ending after the Main Street Bridge.

Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the community services section of the committee, provided council with an overview of the application.

He noted that the committee forwarded the request to staff for review.

Updated arena building and two-pad library

Ron Spina of Colliers Project Leaders provided an update on the two-block arena and library project during a presentation to the Coordinating Committee on July 21.

Councilor Mark Kinney, Chair of the Community Services Section of the Committee, provided highlights of the presentation to Council.

He said the project continues to move forward and is on budget.

The Committee also received a report from the Construction Steering Group. The report says construction is expected to be completed in July 2023 and occupancy will take place shortly thereafter.

Review the update.

Review the steering group report.

In addition, the committee received a report from the Chief Building Officer, Danny Rodgers, on the sustainability measures and energy-efficient design considerations that were incorporated into the new facility.

Read the corresponding report.

Poutine Festival from August 17 to 21

Council approved Poutine Feast from August 17-21 at the Third Street parking lot.

Around 11 food vendors are expected at the festival, offering over 50 varieties of iconic Canadian food.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Wasaga Under Siege returns

Wasaga Under Siege – Ships and Sails, will take place on August 13 and 14 at Nancy Island Historic Site.

The Board approved the event and authorized the use of $5,000 in sponsorship to offset the cost of the event, and the in-kind use of a tent, tables and chair, and a closing, as indicated in the related staff report.

The board also approved the Nancy Island parking lot as a parking space for attendees and for special needs during the event.

Read the related staff report.

Transit contract goes to Landmark

Council approved the awarding of the contract for the operation and maintenance of the city’s conventional transit system, as well as joint specialty services, to Landmark Student Transportation.

The contract is for a period of five years.

A competitive bidding process identified the company as the preferred service provider.

Details of the new arrangement, including cost savings, can be found in the relevant staff report.

Read the staff report.

Building permit statistics

The number of building permits for June remains high.

For the month, the city issued 112 permits with a total construction value of $33 million.

The number of permits issued for accommodation stands at 64.

The report also notes that during the month, the city conducted 497 building permit inspections.

In addition, the Building Department responded to nearly 600 telephone inquiries from the public.

Read the corresponding report.

Proposed whistleblower policy referred to staff

A proposed whistleblower policy, presented to the Coordinating Committee on July 21, will be further considered by staff.

The committee sent the policy back so that staff could review the time limit for filing a complaint.

Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray, chair of the general government section of the committee, updated council on the status of the policy.

The policy sets out the framework for individuals to report misconduct without fear of retaliation. The intention is to replace the current Employee Code of Conduct policy with the new policy.

Read the related staff report.

Asset management plan approved

The Board approved the updated 2022 Asset Management Plan.

The plan covers essential assets such as roads, bridges, water, wastewater and stormwater management.

The plan will be updated as needed to address approaches and mitigation measures to reduce the impacts of climate change on municipal infrastructure.

The city implemented its first official version of the plan in 2016.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Closed meeting

The Board met in camera to discuss a matter of ownership and emerged from the closed session confirming the instructions provided to the General Manager regarding the transfer of land pursuant to the terms of By-Law 2006-59.

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