Wasaga Beach Council Highlights – January 27, 2022

Committee asks staff to review B&B operator’s zoning issue

Councilor Mark Kinney, Chair of the Community Services Section of the Coordinating Committee, briefed council members on a presentation the committee received for their information.

At the committee’s Jan. 13 meeting, Kinney said bed and breakfast operator Cathy Lane spoke to the committee about the zoning challenges she faces with the B&B she operates in the west of town.

The local woman has installed cooking facilities in two of her three units without opposition from some agencies. However, the installation of these facilities means that the lodge does not meet municipal zoning requirements.

Lane would like to continue operating with the layout due to the challenges COVID-19 presents to the traveling public.

The Committee received the presentation for information and asked staff to consider the matter further.

Climate Action Team Addresses Committee Members

The Wasaga Beach Climate Action Team spoke at the January 13 Coordinating Committee meeting.

Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the community services section of the committee, informed council that the team has presented a series of recommendations to facilitate climate change improvements in the community and formally asked how the team can work with the city to implement a climate action plan.

Committee members discussed the presentation and received it for information. City officials meet with the team to further discuss the presentation.

During the regular council meeting, council received for information a staff report describing the actions taken by the city to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Municipal services have taken several measures over the years.

See the staff report for more details.

Firefighter monthly statistics

The Wasaga Beach Fire Department responded to 149 incidents in December.

Structure fires included two of the calls and 118 others were medical.

The department, made up of two stations, answered 1,852 calls in total for 2021, compared to 1,470 in 2020.

View the full report.

Course on the tables of the library’s strategic plan for 2022-2026

During the meeting of the coordination committee on January 13, the committee members received the 2022-2026 strategic plan of the library for information.

The library board develops a new plan every five years to meet the changing needs of the community.

The plan includes a new mission statement, a new vision statement and a set of new goals.

Review the related personnel report.

Review the strategic plan.

Wasaga Beach Transit Monthly Statistics

Wasaga Beach Transit’s ridership report for December shows people took 5,221 transit bus rides during the month, up from 4,876 rides for the same period a year ago.

For 2021, people made 53,693 city bus trips.

The system remains an affordable way to get around our community.

See the full report.

Record construction activity last year: report

The city issued 142 permits for the month of December with an estimated construction value of $42 million.

The total number of permits issued for residential units in December was 125 with an estimated construction value of $41 million.

The total number of permits issued for the year was 871, breaking a 2004 record of 870.

The total number of residency permits issued for the year was 530, breaking a 2004 record of 493.

Residential construction values ​​for 2021 were $184 million, surpassing the 2017 record of $106 million.

Last year was also a record high for nonresidential construction values, with the city logging $88 million, surpassing a 2019 record of $17 million.

And the total value of all builds for 2021 was $272 million, surpassing the 2019 record of $123 million.

Review the related personnel report.

Check out the related press release.

A busy year for economic development

During the coordination committee meeting on January 13, the committee received the economic development work plan for 2022.

Staff will work on a number of projects over the year, including the implementation of the economic development strategy, the development of an overall brand strategy, the roll-out of the annual facade improvement program , the annual program of company visits, tourism initiatives, as well as a number of other projects.

Read the related staff report.

Review the work plan.

Multi-year accessibility plan update received for information

Council received the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan Progress Report for information and approved the plan update, effective February 1st.

Details of the plan are available in the staff report.

The objective of the plan is to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.

December a busy month for municipal law enforcement: review

Council members received the December monthly report from the Municipal Law Enforcement Department for their information.

The department received 119 service calls during the month.

The appeals concerned a number of different issues, including property standards, parking, noise, animal control and business licensing.

Review the staff report.

City backs G&M Hospital bid for MRI unit

At the January 13 Coordinating Committee meeting, the General Government section of the committee authorized a letter supporting G&M Hospital’s bid for an MRI unit.

Mayor Nina Bifolchi provided the letter after the meeting.

Currently, residents must travel outside of the Georgia Triangle to access MRI services.

Council approves insurance renewal for 2022

Council authorized staff to renew the city’s insurance for the year, at a cost of $567,639, with Intact Public Entities.

A staff report notes that insurance rates tend to increase due to a number of factors. In the case of the city, the cost is $79,849 higher than expected.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario has called on municipalities to call on the government to address the principle of joint and several liability which unfairly penalizes municipalities for successful insurance claims.

The Board approved the drawing down of funds from surpluses or reserves, if necessary, to offset additional costs.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Board members accept updated grant policy

Council approved an updated grants policy for the municipality and agreed to change the name of the policy.

Going forward, the Organization Grants Policy will become the Organization Grants and Sponsorships Policy.

The Board also approved the inclusion of a clause in the policy, allowing an exception to the payment sequence at the discretion of staff.

Read the staff report to learn more about the policy changes.

Main Street Bridge financing changed to debenture

Council authorized staff to transfer the Main Street Bridge variable rate principal loan into a five-year long-term debenture with Infrastructure Ontario in the principal amount of $3 million.

The funding is for the recently completed Main Street Bridge Reconstruction Project.

The Board also approved a portion of the unbudgeted debenture expenditures, estimated at $55,500, covered by surplus funds or general reserves.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Board member breached code of conduct

Principles Integrity, the firm that provides integrity commissioner services for the city, ruled Councilor Joe Belanger breached the council’s code of conduct in September 2021.

The commissioners recommended a 10-day salary suspension as a sanction.

The board accepted the decision and approved the sanction.

Read the report to learn more.

Tona Trail residents submit petition

Residents of Tona Trail in the west have submitted a petition raising concerns about the Ramblewood Drive reconstruction project, alleging it fails to meet certain regulations and negatively affects their quality of life.

Council received the request for information.

Board members also received a staff report responding to the petition for information, addressing statements made, including that operations meet industry standards, while acknowledging that capital improvement projects cause inconvenience. .

The report encourages residents to keep in touch with staff when work resumes later this year, if they still have concerns. The city responds quickly to construction complaints.

Read the staff report to learn more.

City facilities reopen Monday as restrictions begin to be lifted across the province

Council members received an update on COVID-19 from representatives of the City Command Team.

Starting Monday, Ontario will gradually begin the process of easing pandemic restrictions.

The province is using a three-phase plan to ease restrictions, with each new phase starting every 21 days.

In the city, starting Monday, facilities such as the arena and the recplex will reopen to the public and programming will resume. Facilities and programs will follow all COVID-19 protocols.

Learn more about Ontario’s phased reopening.

Watch the meeting:

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