Wasaga Beach Council Highlights – February 24, 2022

School board provides community update, high school scheduled for 2029-2030

Simcoe County District School Board Chair Jodi Lloyd appeared before the board to provide an update on the board’s plans for Wasaga Beach.

Lloyd described the status of the new elementary school in the Sunnidale Trails subdivision, which is expected to open in September 2023, and confirmed that the board hopes to open a secondary school in Wasaga Beach for the 2029-30 school year.

Watch the presentation.

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LDD Moth update received for information

Council received a letter from the province for information, advising the town of the LDD moth situation, which has been plaguing the province for the past few years.

“Ontario is currently experiencing an outbreak of the LDD ringworm, particularly in southern Ontario and parts of the northeastern part of the province,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry.

Rickford said all indications are that 2022 “will be another year with high populations of LDD moths causing moderate to severe defoliation. [of trees] In certain regions.”

Read the letter to learn more.

Consult the corresponding information sheet.

Review the Roles and Responsibilities document.

See the town’s LDD Moth information page.

Library Year in Review: 2021

The Board received the Wasaga Beach Public Library Annual Review Report for their information.

The report notes that the library had 17,500 visitors and patrons checked out 71,108 items.

For more details, see the year in review.

The city invests in a book and film project

Board members approved a one-time investment of $25,000 to sponsor the production of books and films for the Tikki the wonderful dog project.

Funds will come from the City’s Tourism and Economic Development Partnership budget.

The book and film will feature Wasaga Beach in the storyline, helping to market the community to a wide audience.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Staff review ice allocation policy for arena

Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the community services section of the coordinating committee, said the committee at its Feb. 10 meeting received a presentation from the hockey circuit.

The local company would like to offer a school hockey program at Wasaga Stars Arena this summer and is concerned about the town’s ice allocation policy.

Kinney said the committee referred the matter to staff for review and report.

Presentation ‘Whistleblower’ received for information

Local resident Kelly Donovan of Fit4Duty gave a presentation to the community services section of the February 10 Coordinating Committee.

His presentation focused on “whistleblower” programs, specifically why they are important, said Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the committee’s community services section.

Whistleblower programs provide protection for employees when raising concerns about possible improper activities within an organization.

The Committee received the presentation for information.

Annual report of the age-friendly committee received for information

At the February 10 Coordinating Committee meeting, the Committee received for information the annual report of the Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee.

The report highlights committee activities, including upcoming items, such as the Information for Seniors and Active Living Expo, scheduled for June 23, 2022.

Review the report.

New Arena and Library Building Receives Official Name

The board approved the moniker for the new two-story arena and community library.

The building will be called the Cortellucci Zancor Center. This nickname will be displayed on building signs and used in communications related to the facility.

The Cortellucci family and Zancor Homes contributed $1 million to the project last fall in turn for the naming rights to the facility.

Learn more about membership dues.

Read the staff report regarding the naming of the establishment.

Recreation, Events and Facilities Report Highlights a Busy 2021

The Coordinating Committee, at its February 10 meeting, received a one-year review report from the Recreation, Events and Facilities Department.

The report notes that the department offered 120 recreation programs during the year.

Review the report.

Council approves investment in new equipment for water pollution control plant

Council members approved a pre-purchase of more than $500,000 for new equipment at the city’s water pollution control plant.

One pre-purchase is for APGN’s turbo blowers at a cost of $260,800 excluding HST, and the other is for Alfa Laval’s rotary drum thickener and polymer systems at a cost of $257,884 excluding HST.

The overall multi-year budget for facility upgrades is estimated at $4.6 million, which includes design, contract administration, project management services and construction.

Read the related staff report.

Lots approved for Stonebridge development

Council has approved the creation of 48 residential lots in the Stonebridge by the Bay development.

Townhouses are being built in the development and the creation of the lots will allow the houses to be sold.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Construction statistics show a good start for 2022

The building department’s summary report for January paints a bright picture in terms of local construction.

For the month, the department issued 125 permits, including permits for 84 single-family homes and 29 townhouses.

See the report to learn more.

Happy New Year for New Businesses Opening in Wasaga Beach

The Economic Development Officer’s monthly report included statistics on the number of new businesses that opened in Wasaga Beach in 2021.

The city is aware of 74 open businesses and 45 closed businesses, for a net gain of 29 new businesses.

The report notes that at the end of 2021, the city had 530 licensed businesses in operation. These figures do not include regulated companies, as they do not require a business license.

See the staff report for more details.

Open Patios program extended for the year 2022

Council members approved the extension of the temporary Open Patios program for restaurants.

Implemented at the start of the pandemic, the program allows for the rapid establishment of outdoor dining and entertaining terraces – subject to stipulated approvals – providing a new way for restaurants to generate revenue.

The extension of the program is until January 1, 2023.

See the staff report for more details.

Street names approved for the neighborhood

The council approved Rockefeller Road and Metropolitan Drive as street names for the Ansley Grove residential development.

They also approved Northgate Road retaining its name until it terminated at Rockefeller.

The development is just east of Ansley Road and north of Leo Boulevard.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Municipal Comprehensive Review Summary Report Received for Information

Council accepted a staff report summarizing Simcoe County’s memo of the ongoing municipal comprehensive review.

The review is a technical planning exercise designed to bring the county’s official plan into line with provincial planning policies.

Read the report to learn more.

City hires consultant for procurement policy review

Members of City Council approved the expenditure of an unbudgeted grant-funded amount of $50,880 to hire a consultant to review the City’s procurement policy and related processes.

The Municipal Retrofit Funding Grant will pay for the project.

The city will identify a consultant for the work through a request for proposals process.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Community grants accepted

Council approved the community grants listed in the 2022 Municipal Grants Program Allocations Report.

The amounts total $34,482.

See the report to learn more.

Mayor writes to province asking for grants for recreation infrastructure funding in upcoming Ontario budget

The Coordinating Committee has approved that Mayor Nina Bifolchi write to the province requesting that the next provincial budget include grants for recreation infrastructure projects.

The province has asked for feedback on what the next budget should contain.

The city would seek provincial funding to offset part of the cost of the new two-story arena and library.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Clerk’s Department Helps City Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change

A report received for information at the Coordinating Committee meeting on February 10 highlights actions taken by the Clerk’s Department to mitigate climate change.

Read the report to learn more.

Check out our webpage to learn more about the city’s overall efforts.

Watch the meeting:

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