Wasaga Beach Council Highlights – August 18, 2022

Town of Bayloc and Partner Zancor Reach Agreement to Purchase Municipal Beachfront Property

Council approved the sale of city-owned waterfront land to Bayloc Developments Inc. with Zancor as a partner, subject to a maximum due diligence period of 120 days.

Read the corresponding press release to find out more.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Update

Representatives from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation provided the board with an overview of the organization’s role with respect to the new Gateway Casinos facility under construction in the west.

The presentation included details on the economic benefits OLG provides to communities across Ontario.

The 29 casinos operated by OLG partners make a significant contribution to provincial and local economies, the company noted.

Over the past seven years, operators have invested $1.8 billion in capital in Ontario to build and improve casinos across the province.

Recently, new casinos have opened in Pickering (July 2021) and North Bay (March 2022).

Wasaga Beach‘s Playtime Casino is scheduled to open this fall.

Communities that host casinos – including Wasaga – receive a financial benefit from property taxes, development fees and job creation.

OLG also enters into Municipal Contribution Agreements (MCAs). Under these agreements, OLG provides direct support across Ontario through payments to municipal partners.

OLG makes payments based on an equitable formula.

Council subsequently approved the City’s entry into an MCA.

For more details on the payment formula, see page 10 of the presentation.

Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos, also spoke about Wasaga’s new facilities.

He mentioned that the organization recently hosted a very successful job fair in Wasaga Beach. Gateway is looking to fill 140 positions.

Update on Draft Purchasing Policy

Lise Patry of LMX Law provided the board with an update on the draft purchasing policy.

The policy, once approved, will replace the current city policy.

The Board received the presentation for information and tabled the draft policy for comments.

A final draft of the policy will be presented to the board for approval in September.

Review the update.

Review the related personnel report.

Review the draft policy.

Support for Wasaga Beach Community Theater

The Board approved a $12,000 contribution to the Wasaga Beach Community Theater to ensure the group can pay initial costs for its fall 2022 and spring 2023 productions.

Municipal support is required due to loss of financial revenue in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings.

The funds will come from the city’s 2022 in-year surplus in the recreation operating budget.

See the related staff report to learn more.

Whistleblower policy approved

Council approved an updated whistleblower policy for the municipality.

The policy applies to all City employees, job seekers, volunteers, contractors, customers, students and other stakeholders.

In approving the updated policy, the board changed the complaint period to six months instead of “immediately”.

Read the related staff report.

Workplace Harassment and Violence Policy Updates

The Board approved an updated Workplace Harassment Policy and Workplace Violence Policy.

Read the related staff report.

Review the updated Workplace Harassment Policy.

Review the updated Workplace Violence Policy.

Water pollution control plant study received for information

Representatives from the Ontario Clean Water Agency, at the August 11 Coordinating Committee meeting, presented a study on the long-term needs of water pollution control pants.

The study outlines the plant’s requirements to meet local needs in the coming years.

The Committee received the presentation for information.

Read the related study.

The drainage study identifies works

Daniel Twigger of Tatham Engineering, at the August 11 Coordinating Committee meeting, presented an assessment of the West End drainage needs.

The study area is at the western edge of town, bounded by Bluewater Gate to the west, Highway 26 to the south, 74e Street to the east and Nottawasaga Bay to the north.

The study includes a series of recommendations to improve drainage in the area, including details on the order in which work should take place.

The Committee received the study for information.

Read the associated document.

Council approves road construction contract

Council approved the awarding of the road construction contract in the Mapleside Drive area to John Bravakis Enterprises at a cost of $6 million, including contingencies and non-refundable HST.

In July, the city issued a request for proposals for the work. The city received four bids. John Bravakis Enterprises Ltd. represented the lowest of the bids.

Work includes construction of a new road, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, curbs, sidewalk, street lighting and utility walkways.

The cost of the project will be recovered from landowners through a local improvement settlement.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Water Pollution Control Plant Work Advances

The Board awarded a contract for the upgrade of the water pollution control plant to BGL Contractors Corp. at a cost of $1.3 million, including contingencies and excluding HST.

Two companies bid on the project. BGL submitted the lowest bid.

For more details, see the staff report.

The City invests in new public transit vehicles

Council members approved the purchase of two new transit buses from Girardin at a cost of $307,998 excluding HST.

The buses will replace two of the city’s four transit vehicles, which are nearing the end of their service life.

The two vehicles to be replaced each have approximately 430,000 kilometers on the clock. The city purchased the vehicles in 2017. The 20-passenger vehicles typically have a four-year lifespan.

Staff used an RFP process for purchasing the new buses. Girardin submitted the lower of two offers.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Construction activity remains strong

The city issued 47 building permits in July for a total construction value of $7.1 million.

Since the start of the year, the city has issued 467 building permits with a total construction value of $102 million.

Check out the building department activity summary for July for more details.

Request for site plan for the new elementary school

Staff informed council members at the August 11 Coordinating Committee meeting that the Simcoe County District School Board is in the process of submitting the site plan application for its new Wasaga Beach Elementary School.

The property is in the Pacific Homes subdivision, part of the Sunnidale Trails development area, off Sunnidale Road.

The nearly seven-acre site has a civic address of 42 Union Blvd.

Read the related staff report.

Development Charges Reserve Fund Status

Council received the status of the 2021 Development Charges Reserve Funds for information.

The city collects development charges to facilitate growth.

The fees cover things like transportation, recreation, library, water and sewage, fire, and growth-related studies.

The total balance of all development charge reserve funds is $19 million.

Treasurer Jocelyn Lee, in the related staff report, called the balance reasonable.

She noted that a few funds have a negative balance — library and storm drain — and said the city will eliminate those deficits as the fund is repaid by growth that occurs over time.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

General reserves amount to $47 million, in addition to restricted reserve requirements of $9 million.

City purchases street banners and will showcase new Wasaga brand

Council members approved an unbudgeted expense of approximately $28,274 for the purchase of new banners that will help launch the city’s new brand image.

Although the administrative budget includes a line item for new banners, it does not include the full cost of pole repairs. However, the advertising budget is sufficient to cover the shortfall.

See the staff report for more details.

Report on climate change received for information

The city continues to fight climate change and its effects on the municipality.

At the Coordinating Committee meeting on August 11, the committee received for information a report from Danny Rodgers, Building Manager, titled Climate Change Action Plan – Charting Our Course.

The report provided an overview of the city’s efforts to date to address climate change, as well as feedback on climate change the city has received from outside organizations.

The report also provides potential next steps for consideration.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Council passed a motion, presented by Mayor Nina Bifolchi, asking staff to bring the concept of a climate change advisory committee to the next council for consideration.

City Considers Land Recognition Statement

Council passed a motion, presented by Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray, requesting that staff present a draft statement of recognition of the territory for consideration by council.

The statement, if approved, would be read at all Board, Committee and Advisory Committee meetings.

Watch the meeting:

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