Wasaga Beach Council Highlights – April 28, 2022

Discussion to begin on the creation of an arts center at the future high school

The town will initiate discussions with the Simcoe County District School Board and local arts groups regarding the establishment of an arts center in the new high school the board is considering for Wasaga Beach.

Councilor Mark Kinney, chair of the community services section of the Coordinating Committee, shared the news as part of his monthly update to council.

He said that at the Coordinating Committee meeting on April 14, the committee gave instructions to the staff to start talks with the board.

A related report by George Vadeboncoeur, General Manager, notes that, similar to the Community Facilities Use Agreement for the new Sunnidale Trails Elementary School, there is an opportunity to introduce a community use component to the new secondary school.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Additional special events accepted for this summer

City Council has approved a series of summer events for the community.

These events are in addition to the events approved in March.

The Board approved the following:

  • Bard Bus Tour: Shakespeare’s Henry V at Nancy Island Historic Site on Thursday August 4;
  • Poutine Feast at the Third Street Parking Lot from Thursday August 19 to Sunday August 22;
  • Mars agency’s GoGo Squeez marketing and sampling event over the weekend of July 22-24 at the Spruce Street parking lot;
  • The Wasaga Beach Blues event at the Stonebridge Town Center Music Pavilion September 16-18.
Lease renewed for county ambulance base

The council authorized the mayor and clerk to sign a five-year lease with Simcoe County for the county’s continued use of the municipal building that houses the paramedic station on Oxbow Park Road.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

The City invests in new skate park equipment for local youth

Board members awarded the design, creation and installation of two new skateboard ramps at Oakview Woods Skateboard Park to the Canada Ramp Company.

The cost of the project is $32,028 plus applicable taxes.

Work will include spraying foam under new and existing equipment to reduce noise.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Fire station renovation project put on hold, discussions on revised scope taking place with contractors

Council agreed not to award the tender for the Fire Station 2 Renovation and Addition project, as the tenders significantly exceeded the available budget.

Along the same lines, the board agreed to waive the provisions of the purchasing policy so that staff could work with the two proponents with the lowest bids so that those companies could submit quotes for a project and a revised scope.

Staff will update Council on discussions with developers, if any.

Read the staff report to learn more.

Council approves emergency works for water main and sewer line

Council members approved emergency work to replace the sewer line and water main that crosses the Nottawasaga River, adjacent to the Schoonertown Bridge.

In March, public works staff identified a leak in the main water main and the following month discovered a leak in the adjacent sewer line.

For more details, read the related staff report.

Transit Ridership Remains High: Report

Wasaga Beach Transit’s monthly ridership report shows continued strong transit bus ridership.

In March, the service recorded 6,094 rides, compared to 4,582 rides for the same period a year ago.

March 2022 ridership also increased by nearly 1,200 trips compared to February 2022.

See the report to learn more.

Expanded open patio program approved

The council authorized the expansion of the Open Patios program to include performances any day of the week.

Launched in 2021, as a COVID-19 business recovery initiative, the program provides businesses with financing to pay for musical entertainment.

Under the current structure, only performances taking place between Monday and Thursday are eligible for funding.

Staff recommended expanding the program to every day of the week to better support local businesses.

Read the related staff report.

Seeking a consultant to prepare a comprehensive new zoning bylaw

The city will hire a consultant to create its comprehensive new zoning bylaw.

Council directed staff to issue a request for proposals seeking a qualified consultant to develop the regulations.

Work on the project would begin this year and be completed in 2023.

The new bylaw will provide a long-term strategy, focused on creating zoning categories that encourage growth, while preserving the characteristics of unique areas of the city.

Read the related staff report.

Demolition of Cook’s Farm postponed

Council postponed ratifying a decision to demolish the Cook Farm at Sports Park after a resident expressed an interest in buying the house.

Coordinating Committee, on the advice of staffrecommended demolishing the house and erecting a garden and gazebo to commemorate the site.

The Cook family sold the property to the province in the 1970s and ownership was later transferred to the city, which reallocated the property to the sports park. The house has remained largely unused over the years.

A staff report identified significant costs associated with repairing the 19and century building.

Given the interest in preserving the house as a private residence, the council asked staff to investigate the potential purchase and sale of the property.

Staff will report back on their findings in due course.

Check out our related questions and answers to learn more.

Cabinet selected for land expertise

The Board approved the hiring of Andrew-Thompson and Associates Ltd. Real Estate Appraisers.

The company will undertake an appraisal of Shady Lane at a cost of $12,000 to $20,000. The city is interested in acquiring the land to ensure residents can access their properties.

Shady Lane is a private lane which provides access to the rear of the townhouses which face Mosley Street and the rear of the houses which face Shore Lane, between 15and and 16and North Street.

Greenhill Homes purchased the lane from the original owners and maintains the lane, but this has created concern among neighbors who fear losing access to the rear of their properties.

See staff report for more.

“Wasaga” sign on the way

Mount Lee in Los Angeles is home to the famous “Hollywood” sign and soon Wasaga Beach will have its own place-making sign.

Council awarded a contract to Excellent Signs and Displays Inc. for the supply of a portable “Wasaga” sign at a cost of $39,200 plus HST.

They also allowed to spend up to $15,000 to extend electrical services to the sign and pay for all other installation costs related to the project.

The multicolored illuminated sign will be at the intersection of Beach Drive and Main Street.

The panel will be five feet high and 10 inches deep. The City may move the sign to other locations as needed.

The sign will be in place by June 24. The staff expects it to be a popular spot for photographs, especially during festivals and other special events.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Watch the meeting:

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