Wasaga Beach blocks “toxic” comments on social networks



Barrie –

The town of Wasaga Beach has said it will “temporarily” end comments on its social media pages that it says will stop the spread of hatred and misinformation.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Nina Bifolchi addressed the community and singled out a “small handful of people” whom she described as toxic and abusing the city’s social media platforms to “spread their hate, their lies and their intimidating behavior. “

“When their lies and their hatred are not allowed, they claim censorship. Toxic people love to play the victim,” says Bifolchi.

“Twisting the facts to meet their needs and narcissistic ways keeps staff busy monitoring the city’s social media platform, warding off other proactive activities.”

According to the post, city staff discussed the situation with General Manager George Vadeboncoeur and agreed to turn off comments, but said they would continue to share information on his channels.

According to Bifolchi, the decision to cut the comments is “not about the city trying to control the narrative” but about silencing negativity online.

“The small group won’t give you a platform to spit out your hatred and lies,” she said.

Bilfochi then thanked the community members who used his platforms and expressed their views with respect.

City council and committee meetings will continue to be streamed live on Youtube.



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