Virginia Beach photography and influencer studio opens


Michael Copon, actor and producer, says he wanted to build a studio for aspiring influencers.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – A Hampton Roads actor and producer creates a new experience in Virginia Beach.

Michael Copon, from Chesapeake, and his wife have just opened Copon Studios, a photography studio and selfie museum in Pembroke Mall for creators and social influencers.

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“The industry is moving to TikTok and YouTube and that’s what we wanted to create, a place for creators to develop their creativity,” he said.

Copon, known for starring in the One Tree Hill and Power Rangers Time Force series, says the plan has been in the works for years.

“I’ve always seen a place like Universal Studios that was open to the public,” Copon said. “How come we can’t, as creators, get into Universal and just go and shoot in this fake New York backdrop?”

Copon and his family built all the sets by hand. Custom bundles allow them to create new content at an affordable price.

“I think the cheapest thing I’ve found in this town is $ 300 a day,” he said. “We’re less than that per month. And that’s what I wanted to do, is to release that burden that most of the industry places on our creators.”

Copon hopes that this venture will attract future productions and filmmaking to the region.

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“Bringing Hollywood to Hampton Roads,” Copon said.

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