U Of T says students need to be vaccinated for certain activities



The college experience is filled with lectures and essays, but if you’re looking to branch out and do more than just study, you may need to be fully immunized.

University of Toronto announced on July 29 that students, staff and faculty participating in activities considered to be at high risk of transmission of COVID-19 will need to be fully immunized and “self-report their immunization status”.

“College sports, music education and educational internships are some of the activities that can be considered high risk, requiring participants to have received a full vaccine. The list of activities requiring vaccination may change or be updated, and individuals can request an exemption, ”the statement read.

The University issued a statement earlier in July stating that vaccinations would not be a requirement for attending campus. However, to live in residence, students will need to be vaccinated.

Will everyone have to self-report their immunization status?

Students and faculty returning to campus this fall will also be asked to self-report their immunization status on an anonymous online self-assessment journal called UCheck.

“Anonymous and aggregated data on immunization status, by campus, will be used to inform health and safety measures at the university,” the statement said.

The self-assessment will prompt users to respond whether or not they are fully vaccinated. To check yes, users must be fully immunized for at least 14 days, and if you check no, you will need to take a rapid test kit twice a week at home.

In order to come to campus, students, faculty and staff who are not fully immunized “must test negative within 72 hours of coming to campus.”

“There are a multitude of reasons why people may hesitate, so we hope to have a broad education strategy to help bring people the right information and help them,” said Professor Sal Spadafora, special adviser to the president. on COVID-19 and Senior Advisor to the Dean of Temerty Faculty of Medicine. “We will try to meet people where they are at on vaccine availability and education, bridging the gap to help those who are hesitant and make it easier to self-test and follow-up for those who are not vaccinated. ”

If students, staff, or faculty test positive on their rapid test kit, they are required to report it, confirm with a PCR test, and self-isolate if necessary.



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