Toronto’s best beaches for a hot summer day


Summers are hot in Toronto and when the temperatures hit 30 + we all need a refreshing getaway. Places like Wasaga and Sauble Beach are amazing for spending hot summer days, but they’re not the easiest to get to. If you live in the city you have to rent a car, get some friends together, plan some food ideas, and start the long drive and to be honest it’s a lot of work. But what if I told you that you can enjoy the same type of atmosphere so close to you?

Now go on, pull out that bikini that’s been collecting dust in your drawer all winter and rocking your body! It always feels like Toronto’s summers are ending before we can even enjoy them, so stop postponing this beach day and go visit one of Toronto’s many beaches!

Here are the best beaches to visit in Toronto this summer

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Woodbine Beach

When I first visited Woodbine Beach a few summers ago, I felt like I was so far from town! I loved the long stretch of sand and to my surprise the water was extremely clean so you don’t have to worry about the raw lake water! There are a lot of activities to do here and you can find some beach volleyball courts to play! It’s a great place to get together with friends this summer (when it’s safe to do so) and plan a day at the beach!

Hanlan Point Beach

Beaches in Toronto
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Sometimes a quick and easy trip to the Toronto Islands is all you need for a day trip! This clothing optional beach is a favorite with Toronto locals and I recommend taking the ferry early to Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to make sure you have a comfortable place at the beach! One of my favorite parts of visiting the island is taking the ferry, so make the most of it every minute! If the clothing-optional vibe isn’t for you, that’s okay! There are many other beaches along the island, such as Ward Island and Center Island Beach. The views of the city are impeccable from here and it is a must to visit this summer!

Bluffer Park Beach

Bluffers Beach
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Bluffer Park Beach is located on the Scarborough Bluffs mainland! Yes, it’s a bit out of town, but I promise it’s worth the trip! There is so much to do in this area and, along with the beach, there are picnic areas, hikes, gazebos, a boat launch, and a dock for visitors. The deep blue water and stunning rocky cliffs make it one of the most beautiful landscapes and beaches in the GTA!

Sunnyside Beach

Sunnyside Beach has been around since the 1920s and it was always a place many city dwellers came to cool off on a hot summer day. Over a century later, this beach is still very popular with Toronto residents! Right next to the beach is the Sunnyside Pavilion Café and after spending the day in the scorching sun, you’ll want to sip your favorite drinks while taking in the views!

Sugar beach

Beaches in Toronto
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Sugar Beach became a hit in Toronto when it opened over 10 years ago. The cute and playful pink umbrellas make you feel like you’re lying by the pool in a Dominican resort. The addition of an umbrella is unlike any other beach in town, so commuters don’t have to worry about finding shade! Although swimming is not allowed on this beach by the water, its space remains fun for people to soak up the sun, read and even watch the boats go by on the lake! Definitely one of the best beaches in Toronto!


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