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The Venice International Film Festival has unveiled the lineup for the 2021 Venice VR Expanded section, the virtual reality sidebar that accompanies the prestigious film event.

A total of 37 projects from 21 countries will be screened at this year’s VR Expanded event, including 23 works in competition.

The works in competition range from the Italian-Spanish production of seven minutes Il Dubbio – Episode 2 from directors Matteo Lonardi, Javier Lajara and Javier Martinez, in the one-hour immersive theatrical production The theory of termination: welcome to the respite by American artist Lyndsie Scoggin.

Taiwanese virtual reality artist Hsin-Chien Huang presented two works in the VR Expanded competition in Venice: Samsara, which won the award for Best VR Story at the Cannes Film Market VR Showcase earlier this month, and The starry sand beach, made with the French artist Nina Barbier.

Other notable competition titles include Container, by Meghna Singh from South Africa, who examines the experiences of migrants risking everything for a better life, The Last Worker, a first-person narrative adventure by British director Jörg Tittel that centers on our struggle in an increasingly automated, and The end of the night, the latest by Danish virtual reality artist David Adler, whose Taste of hunger was a highlight of Venice VR Expanded 2020.

Out of competition, Venice will host a special screening of In the fog, the virtual reality interpretation of Thai director Chou Tung-Yen of the experience of visiting a gay sauna for men.

Venice, the world’s oldest film festival – it celebrates its 78th anniversary this year – was also one of the first film events to embrace virtual reality as an art form. Since 2016, Venice has showcased the best of new virtual reality with a competitive selection of works from around the world.

Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the VR section, which had always taken place in an exhibition space on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio in Venice, was moved exclusively online. Venice VR Expanded 2021 will also be a hybrid experience, with the Venice VR Expanded program available online on a bespoke platform hosted on HTC’s Viveport and Facebook’s Oculus, and viewable using PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets. The Venice VR Expanded Virtual Hub, designed by VRrOOm within VRChat, will be a fantastic virtual version of Venice and the location of Lazzaretto Vecchio Island.

During the duration of the Venice Film Festival 2021, which will take place from September 1 to 11, the Venice VR Expanded program will also be available on site and by reservation for accredited festival guests at the VR Gallery of the Palazzo del Casinò (Lido di Venezia), Sala Amici.

The works of the 2021 Venice VR Expanded program will also be able to be viewed in physical spaces set up in partner institutions around the world, in particular at the Invr.Space in Berlin, at the Centquatre in Paris, at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin. , at the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam and the Portland Art Museum.

Here is the full list of the 2021 Venice VR Expanded:

In competition

Angels in Amsterdam, achievements: Anna Abrahams, Avinash Changa

The end of the night, director: David Adler

The starry sand beach, achievements: Nina Barbier, Hsin-Chien Huang

Caves, director: Isabel Garcia Carlos

Heckling, dir: Mat Collishaw

Genesis, director: Joerg Courtial

Spirit of the place, director: Dale Deacon

Without tears, director: Kim Gina

Samsara Complete Part 1 and 2 Version, director: Hsin-Chien Huang

Type, director: Keisuke Itoh

Blanca Li’s Bal de Paris, director: Blanca Li

Bliss in the ear of a storm, achievements: Adam Lieber, Hal Sorta

Il Dubbio – Episode 2, achievements: Matteo Lonaradi, Javier Lajara, Javier Martinez

Anandala, director: Kevin Mack

Goliath: playing with reality, achievements: Barry Gene Murphy, May Abdalla

Montegelato, director: Davide Rapp

The theory of termination: welcome to the respite, director: Lyndsie Scoggin

Container, director: Meghna Singh

The sick rose, dirs: Tang Zhi-Zhong, Huang Yun-Hsien

Myriad. Where we connect, achievements: Lena Thiele, Sebastian Baurmann, Dirk Hoffmann

The last worker, director: Jörg Tittel

Explore the house, director: Sara Lisa Vogl

The last wish, achievements: Wang Haipel, Wang Shanshan

Special event – Out of competition

In the fog, director: Chou Tung-Yen



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