The taxpayers association continues to spread inaccurate information


In a recent email, on social media and on its website, the Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association continues to spread inaccurate information to the community.

This is now the fourth time the city has had to address the association’s inaccuracies.

The organization states in its recent communication that the city is using Truth Corner to discredit the association and discourage participation in an investigation conducted by the association. It’s wrong.

The city used Truth Corner to make sure the public knows the association is spreading misleading information about the city. Through Truth Corner, the city has also cautioned the public against sharing personal email addresses, which is a good practice.

The city launched Truth Corner as a platform to tackle misinformation and misinformation circulating in the community. It is imperative that the public have access to accurate information. If the association published facts, the city would not need to respond via Truth Corner.

The association also states that the city should not use Truth Corner because it is an election year.

“Truth Corner should not be used by them to comment publicly on issues that may become political issues in the upcoming election campaign. Once candidates are able to register on May 2, 2022, officials do not owe anything do to support or oppose a candidate according to the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario“, indicates the association.

Part of the association’s statement is correct: officials should do nothing to support or oppose a candidate.

But the city has a responsibility to ensure that its residents have accurate information about city affairs.

Accordingly, the city will continue to use Truth Corner and other communication tools when individuals and organizations choose to share misinformation and misinformation involving the city.

In its recent communication, the association also shares inaccurate information regarding the composition of the negotiating team for the redevelopment of the city’s waterfront.

“…the only elected representatives in the negotiations are the mayor and the general manager who was elected to the council of Penetanguishene.

This statement is false and misleading.

There are no Wasaga Beach council members on the bargaining team.

The members of the team were described in a report to the full committee on June 17, 2021 and are as follows:

  • George Vadeboncoeur, General Manager
  • Kevin Lalonde, Director of Public Works
  • Doug Herron, Director of Planning and Economic Initiatives
  • Gianni Giufo, partner | Head of Financial Advisory Sector, Civil Government, Deloitte
  • Bill Mocsan, Procurement Specialist and Equity Advisor, Bill Mocsan and Associates
  • Mary Ellen Bench et al, lawyers, Dentons

Mr. Vadeboncoeur serves as a part-time Councilor on the Penetanguishene City Council, an elected position that is separate from his full-time employee role as Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Wasaga Beach.

The city addressed Mr. Vadeboncoeur’s role with the city in a January 2021 edition of Truth Corner after a member of the public spread false information on social media.

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