The Mayor of Va. Beach says he plans to contact Pharrell in hopes SITW will return


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.—Hampton Roads weekend has been talked about a lot for a while. College Beach Weekend is now over for this year.

News 3 caught up with businesses and students who were thinking about this weekend.

Sunday was quiet but there was a heavy police presence Friday and Saturday night patrolling the area. Some students said that although they had seen bigger crowds in previous years, they still had fun.

Elijah Larry traveled from Maryland to Virginia Beach to experience college weekend at the beach. Easily impressed by the turnout, he said he would return to the ocean’s edge.

“It was a nice relaxing vibe, I like it here,” Larry said.

However, this year’s College Weekend at the Beach is much less crowded than last year’s events.

“I saw a crowd here so big you can barely walk, like the streets are flooded with it all,” an NSU student said.

We met a business by the ocean who told us they expected to see a lot more people.

Ocean House employee Victoria Brunner said: ‘I’ve been born and raised here all my life, and this is the first time I’ve seen her so dead here.

Brunner hopes next year will be better for business, but just across the street another company said it saw an increase in customers over the weekend.

Chris Conrad, employee at Topline Eyewear, said: “It’s been pretty good for me, but the business has increased, but it’s definitely better than last year.”

With safety at the forefront of many students’ minds, students said they appreciated the heavy police presence at the beach on Friday and Saturday night.

“I saw a car accident and all, but other than that it was a pretty chilly weekend,” said one student.

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer told News 3 that he is already preparing for next year.

“Part of our plans for the future is to make sure we have more events and activities, especially for young people to come and give them things to do, and keep them coming back,” said said Dyer.

That includes reaching out to Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams to bring the “Something in the Water” festival back to the resort town.

“Now is the time for me to extend the olive branch and reunite with Pharrell and bring him home and capture that feeling of positivity that we had,” Dyer said.

There’s also been some buzz about something in the water being moved to Washington DC, although there’s been no official announcement from Pharrell. As Dyer spoke with News3, he said he heard the news of the festival moving to DC. When he was here in Virginia Beach, he brought a lot of tourists and money to town and he hopes to get that back.

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