The longest freshwater beach in the world is in Canada



Canada is home to the world’s largest freshwater beach and a plethora of activities and scenery year-round.

Beaches are popular vacation destinations, especially in summer, as they provide an escape from the scorching sun. There are many beaches in the world some of which have unique characteristics and records like; Waimea Bay – Monster waves, Lucky Bay – whitest sandy beach and Virginia beach – The longest beach of pleasure; and when it comes to the combination of length and freshwater, only one beach in the world holds the title of the longest freshwater beach in the world and it is in a small town north of Toronto.

About the longest freshwater beach in the world

Wasaga Beach is a freshwater beach located in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada and it is the title of the longest freshwater beach in the world with a length of 14 kilometers (8.6 miles). The precise location of the beach is in a national park called – Wasaga Beach National Park, in a town called – The Town of Wasaga Beach or just “Wasaga Beach” (which might make it difficult to differentiate the town from the beach of ‘pure water).

Wasaga Beach is divided into 6 different beach areas, each area sharing a portion of the 14 kilometer length. Each year, the beach receives up to 1.5 million annual visitors who mostly settle in Beach Zones 1 and 2. As the number of beaches increases, the crowds decrease, which means that the last few beaches are much less frequented than the first and second. Even with the kind of crowd the beach attracts, vacationers still have plenty of space to do whatever they want.

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Weather in Wasaga Beach

According to Weather spark the weather at Wasaga Beach varies from cold to warm throughout the year with the change of seasons and it rarely reaches extremely distressing temperatures above 850F (29.40C) or less -40F (-200VS).

Sunshine at Wasaga Beach

The sun is visible year round at Wasaga Beach with an increase and decrease in the hours of sunshine occurring as the seasons change. The hours of sunshine on Wasaga Beach drop from its minimum duration of 8 hours 50 minutes at the end of December to 12 hours 7 minutes at the end of March and reach its maximum duration of 15 hours 33 minutes at the end of June. From this point, the hours of sunshine decrease to 12 hours and 9 minutes at the end of September, and decrease further until they reach their lowest duration again in December.

Wind at Wasaga Beach

From late October to mid-April, the wind is at its peak on Wasaga Beach with an average wind speed of 10 miles per hour while January has the highest wind speed of 20.6 miles per hour. ‘time.

Wasaga Beach water temperature

The water temperature at the beach can be hot or cold depending on the changing seasons. During the summer period from July to September, the water temperature at Wasaga Beach increases to an average warm temperature of 610F 160C) with August with the hottest average temperature of 680F (200VS).

From the end of December to mid-March, the water temperature is cold with an average temperature of 410F (50C) and March has the coldest average temperature of 340F (10VS).

Snowfall at Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach experiences snowfall from early November to mid-April with an average snowfall of 1 inch. January is the snowiest month in Wasaga Beach with an average snowfall of 5.5 inches.

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Things to do in Wasaga Beach

With its length, clear sky, blazing sun and clean water, Wasaga Beach presents the perfect scene for many activities and vacationers can start with these:

Practicing water sports

Wasaga Beach offers the perfect atmosphere for swimming, kayaking and surfing. The winter period even comes with more wind to allow windsurfing.

Take a stroll on the beach

For a little exercise and to fully understand the length of Wasaga Beach, try walking the 14 km stretch and enjoy the stunning views while keeping an eye out for the perfect spot to set up your camp.

Play volleyball

Do something with all that space. Meet people, get a ball, organize a team and play volleyball. The beach will not play on itself.

To skydive

A skydiving organization named – Skydive Wasaga Beach offers a chance to experience a skydiving adventure over Wasaga Beach. Usually the flight takes vacationers to a perfect spot above the beach where they can jump and enjoy the beach view as they make their way to Wasaga Beach Sports Park to land.

During the summer of 2021, the parachuting organization has obtained approval to allow the prestigious landing on the beach after 6 years of disapproval. This means that skydivers can now enjoy the view of Wasaga Beach throughout the dive as they descend on their parachute to land in an area between Beach Zones 2 and 3.

Hike or bike the park trails

Wasaga Beach National Park has many interesting trails where vacationers can hike or bike and take in the view of tall trees as they move along the trail. In the winter, some of these trails receive a lot of snowfall, making them perfect places for winter activities such as skiing, skating and snowshoeing.

Watch captivating sunsets at the beach

Wasaga Beach is positioned facing west (where the sun sets) and with this vacationers can enjoy stunning sunset views from any part of the beach.

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