Take part in the celebrity benefit concert of the “Festival of the Arts” on Saturday


LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Last year’s Virtual Hosts will appear live at the Festival of Arts for its annual benefit and celebrity concert on Saturday, August 28.

Musician, songwriter and producer Tony Guerrero, who has performed on the festival stage all summer, will be joined by actor, comedian and writer Dave Foley to preside over the evening’s festivities.

Headlining the gala concert, master conga player and Grammy Award winner, Poncho Sanchez. The conguerocelebratory Latin jazz sounds are inspired by pioneers of the genre, including his latest album Trane’s delight. Sanchez’s 37th recording pays homage to John Coltrane with original compositions and covers with Latin accents of the work of the legendary jazz saxophonist; Trane’s delight won a 2021 Grammy nomination. Born in Laredo, Texas, but raised in the Los Angeles suburbs, Sanchez has become a pioneer of Latin jazz in his own right.

The hosts will welcome another pioneer in the evening’s programming: Matthew Rolston.

Matthew Rolston at the opening of “Art People” at the Laguna Art Museum. Lisa Black / Crest

The famous photographer has been a fan of Pageant of the Masters since he was a child. And this year’s competition is a dream come true for the Angelenos. Some of her photographs of Pageant volunteers in their full makeup are shown on this year’s show, “Made in America: Trailblazing Artists and Their Stories.”

Since the theme for 2021 is all-American, the creative team behind the living pictures had a dilemma. How do we end with the traditional finale of “The Last Supper” by Da Vinci? The perfect solution was to include Rolston as one of the pioneers of American art by projecting his portraits of the 13 volunteers who are seated at this famous supper.

Rolston took the backstage photos in the summer of 2016. All of these wonderful images are on display in “Art People: The Pageant Portraits” at the Laguna Art Museum through October 24. Don’t miss it.

And be sure to support the Festival des Arts and the Concours des Maîtres on Saturday. Last year’s cancellation was the first summer missed since the four closures during WWII.

Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll be the raffle winner coming home in a brand new Volvo XC40 Recharge.


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