“Surging Fourth Wave” brings new advice from London, Ontario. health officials



London, Ont. –

Alarming words about the fight against COVID-19 in Middlesex-London.

Assistant Medical Officer of Health Dr. Alex Summers told CTV News he believes tighter distancing restrictions will be needed to beat the fourth wave of COVID-19.

“One thing is clear is that physical distancing will be necessary, and in the past restrictions have been necessary for this to happen.”

Summers made the statement in an interview at the end of the day where he warned that the Delta variant was hitting the area hard.

The number of COVID-19 in Middlesex-London is rising rapidly. Just a month ago, there were three cases a day. Friday brought 38.

“The fourth wave is without a doubt clearly, transparent on us.”

Summers says the numbers will continue to rise given the infectious spread of the Delta variant.

This week’s outbreaks at two London nightclubs – according to the health unit – are key examples.

As a result, Dr. Summers prepares us for action – we all thought we were behind us.

“Stage 3 has allowed us to resume some of our activities and that’s great, but it’s not something we will be able to do in the fall. “

But, when asked if that might delay the return of classes for school-aged children, Summers backtracked.

He argues that schools will remain the last institutions to close – even if – heavy restrictions were to come back.

But overall, with the numbers increasing, he says everyone should expect changes.

“Obviously, these decisions are the responsibility of the provincial government and we continue to make sure they are aware of the COVID activity that we are seeing here in our region. “

An activity that would be much worse, Summers says, if most people weren’t vaccinated.

He says those who are should continue to be vigilant of children, those at risk and adults who have refused the jab.

“For those of you who have been vaccinated, you still did the right thing. You enter this fourth wave with more protection, in a lasting way, remarkably more protected than you would have had without the vaccine. “

Summers says tough restrictions aren’t “inevitable” if people now heed the warning to hide and keep six feet from each other.

COVID-19 “Doses Til Dark” Vaccination Event in London, Ontario. on August 20, 2021 (Sean Irvine / CTV London)

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