Sudbury rapper shares his story of relapse through music


Sudbury rapper Mickey O’Brien is set to release his latest album, “Shift Change,” on April 22.

O’Brien said the music tells of his personal struggles.

“I struggled a bit. I had a relapse early on in COVID and I know a lot of people were really struggling,” he said.

“The record itself, it was me going through that process. You know, my last video that I put out was a song called ‘Bill Wilson’, and I talk about my relapse pretty vividly during that and the struggles that I was going through at the time.”

“The record itself – Shift Change – I always go back to my mining roots and our big city culture and you know shift change comes out of the dark and into the light,” he said. added.

O’Brien has always been open about his struggle with addiction, and he hopes those watching from the outside can understand what people with addiction issues go through when they listen to the album.

“It’s always very humbling when someone reaches out to me and says my music helps them and a lot of people have reached out to me,” he said.

“Looking from the outside in, I think a lot of people don’t understand, like, how can someone do this to themselves.”

O’Brien said he’s excited to start playing live music again in the coming weeks as he embarks on a cross-Canada tour in the West. For local fans, he will be at the Townhouse in Sudbury to present his new music on April 21st.


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