Start of street sweeping and sand cleaning in the spring


Street sweeping and sand clearing has begun.

The street sweeping program will take approximately five to six weeks to complete all streets in the city.

Crews generally work in the following order:

  1. Main roads
  1. Roads with paved shoulders
  2. Residential side streets
  3. Parking spaces

Residents may notice a variety of crews this year. Some teams will consist of heavy equipment (loaders) combined with trackless sweepers, mechanical street sweepers and dump trucks. This is the “typical” street sweeping team.

Another type of team that can be noticed is the street flushing unit and a tractor with a broom, which will be the first vehicles in neighborhoods with sidewalks and gutters in their streets. The street cleaner will wash the sand off the street and in the sidewalk and gutter with clean, fresh water. Mechanical street sweepers will arrive in the area after the street washer, to pick up sand from curbs and gutters.

Whatever type of crew you might encounter, give them space to do their job. Motorists are urged to slow down when traveling near street sweeping equipment and its operators. Please leave room for equipment when passing.

DO NOT PILE SAND SWEEPED FROM THE ROAD OR YOUR DRIVEWAY ONTO THE ROAD. Residents can proactively participate in spring cleaning by DO NOT PILE SAND ON THE ROAD. The sweeper is not capable of picking up piles of sand; therefore, it is best to leave sand on the side of the road. Additionally, the piled sand can be a hazard to traffic, pedestrians and cyclists and the city may not have crews available to remove sand piles until late May.

The street sweeping schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, as rainy spring weather can impact the performance of the cleaning equipment. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET WHEN THE STREET SWEEPING CREW IS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Parked cars can hamper operations and make areas appear to have been missed. So please refrain from parking on the street until the cleanup crew has passed through your neighborhood.

There will be a team of sweepers early in the morning in your neighborhood. This early morning job is a temporary disturbance to the neighborhood and they are usually only on your street once in the early morning during the street sweeping and sand cleaning program. The purpose of the early morning shift is to provide an extra layer of safety for residents and equipment operators, to avoid pedestrians (especially school-aged children) and parked cars. Please accept our apologies in advance, for this short-lived disruption that the operators may be providing.

Thanks for your help.


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