Rounds Ranch expands with new attractions ahead of possible reopening in June


Located between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach, local facility adding 500ft water slide and slide and lavender area for picking and photos

The number of COVID-19 cases remains stable and the future may be uncertain, but back at the ranch, the Rounds are gearing up for a fun season outside just in case.

Rounds Ranch, located on County Road 92 between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach, has been a local tourist attraction since 2002 with its 125-acre property teeming with activities for kids of all ages.

Owner Geri Rounds said Barrie today the establishment took advantage of the confinement to prepare for a reopening.

“We are adding new activities not only to spruce it up a bit, but we are also expanding the attractions so that there is more chance of social distancing,” Rounds said.

Rounds Ranch offers over 20 different activities that families can participate in that tend to have a ranch theme.

The Western Playfort, Pedal Carts, and Confusion Corn Maze have been Rounds Ranch staples, but are about to be joined with new ideas.

“We have a 500 foot slide and slide coming up and a Tumbleweed turn that will keep the kids busy,” Rounds said. “Our Sunflower experiment is very popular and allows people to get great photos in the sunflower field.

“We are adding a lavender picking area,” she added. “It’s going to smell good, but it’s also a great place to have memories with photos.”

Like many other businesses in Ontario, Rounds Ranch has been intermittently closed during the pandemic.

Because this is an outdoor business, Rounds said they have been able to stay open more than others and she hopes the government will see how important this is.

“It’s a safe and fun place for everyone, with mental health and the outdoors being a hot topic lately,” Rounds said. “We have all the health protocol needed here, but when added to the wide open space, it’s a great place to bring the kids in and let them run. “

Rounds said they were quite busy this past August, September and October, but not so much at other times.

“Fortunately, the government has helped with employee salaries, but it’s still an uphill financial battle,” she said. “Everyone is feeling it, so I hope we get over it as soon as possible.”

Rounds Ranch is slated to open by June 25 and website has a link to reserve your time, if government regulations allow the center of attraction to open.


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