Rotary club contributes $80,000 to two-court arena and library project


The Town of Wasaga Beach is pleased to announce that the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach has donated $80,000 to the town’s two-story arena and library fundraising campaign.

“We are extremely grateful to the club for this very generous contribution to our project,” said Mayor Nina Bifolchi. “The Rotary Club has a long history of supporting important local causes. The club’s investment in our arena and library will touch many lives for years to come.

In recognition of this donation, the second floor multi-purpose room and the library’s youth area will bear the club’s name.

Mark Winegarden, president of the Rotary Club, said it was an honor for the organization to play a part in the project.

“Literacy and health have been important areas of focus, not only for local Rotarians, but also for our international organization. If we can help a person on their learning journey, that’s a feat. If we can help a youth team experience great leadership from their coaches, while experiencing the health benefits of team sports, that’s an accomplishment. The Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach is proud to support a project that will serve our community for generations,” said Winegarden.

As someone who played hockey as a child and later coached, Winegarden said he looks forward to the first puck drop in the new arena and then visits the library, exploring whatever it will offer.

“It’s easy to focus on the obvious, but as Rotarians we see this as an important gathering place in general,” Winegarden said. “Friendships will be forged, smiles will be shared, lessons learned and we know this will contribute to a healthier, vibrant and proud community.”

Learn more about donation opportunities for the Two Skate Arena and Library Project by visiting our website.

General project information

In January 2019, City Council identified the twin arena and library project as a priority for this term. The Wasaga Stars Arena, built nearly 50 years ago, is nearing the end of its life. The library, which opened in 1994, is too small to meet the needs of our growing community. A review, including a community consultation process, determined 544 River Rd. W. as the best site for a new 117,669 square foot joint-use facility. When the new complex opens in the summer of 2023, it will include two NHL-sized ice rinks, an indoor walking track, a modern library with appropriate program space, and meeting rooms. The city is funding the $59 million investment through reserves, long-term funding and community donations.


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