OPP receives over 400 calls during unruly weekend takeover of Wasaga Beach


This is not what mature automotive culture looks like

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Police in Wasaga Beach, Ont., Were busy last weekend in an unauthorized takeover that drew hundreds of stuntmen to the area for the second year in a row.

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According to the OPP count, a total of 439 service calls were received from motorists in the Wasaga Beach, Springwater and Clearview areas. Additional police units were on hand to help control the motorized chaos, distributing a staggering 383 offense notices during the Friday through Sunday period when the event took place.

Seventy of the vehicles that were driven to seaside communities over the weekend will not leave this week because they were towed away. Of those 70, 33 were struck with safety violations, presumably for alterations or removals of spare parts, and 22 others were impounded for acrobatic driving. Police also fired four motorists for impaired driving.

Unfortunately for locals who don’t like toasting their car tires in front of local grocery stores, this is the second year in a row that the event has taken over Wasaga Beach. Last year, OPP used airplanes in concert with patrol cars to collect dozens of cars and hand over acrobatic driving fees to exuberant participants.

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Apparently, the takeover organizers see the shocking reaction from the police as a sign of a successful meeting. They then bragged about the negative media exposure on the organization’s Instagram account.

At Driving, we strongly disagree with this assessment of success, preferring that our auto events and gatherings do not require an “additional police presence”. This type of corrosive activity puts automobile culture under a microscope and only serves to harden public opinion against the hobby.


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