Ontario towns are compared to guests at a house party and they look so brutal


If your city was invited to a rowdy party, what kind of guest would it be? That’s the question one Reddit user is asking Ontarians, and people across the province have wasted no time.

Hundreds of comments and replies flooded the Reddit thread with users from almost every city and town in Ontario.

From who’s hanging out with whom, what they’re drinking, and who hasn’t even been invited, some of the suggestions will make you laugh out loud, while others may make you cringe.

Some commentators have thrown shade at Belleville, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach.

While others have painted the city of Ottawa as a kind of wet blanket.

Niagara Falls was also called.

Some claimed that no city south of London would be invited. But Windsor still made the cut.

Small towns certainly get a bad rap, but spending time in them honestly feels like a good time.

One user even took a subtle jab at Doug Ford and just assumed Etobicoke wouldn’t be able to tell North Bay and Thunder Bay apart.

Another user said Kitchener will bring the beer, while Waterloo is just looking to have some healthy fun.

Some personalities and friendships between cities have been clarified.

Toronto was accused of being stuck, while Hamilton was credited as the life of the party, Mississauga was dubbed a poser and Barrie felt left out.

It’s very clear that Ontarians have serious opinions about different cities. All in all, it looks like a party full of drama, but you wouldn’t want to miss it.


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