Ontario Provincial Police Warns Snowmobilers to Stay Off Ice and Closed Trails


Tom Carr of Fatal Force Outfitters in Orillia was called into action Monday night after two snowmobilers crashed into the ice of Lake Simcoe.

“They got themselves out of the water, but they were overstepping almost every step they took, and we just helped them back to shore and made sure everyone was safe,” Carr said since then. the scene Tuesday as he attempted to pull the sled away. ice.

The close call came after repeated warnings from police asking people to stay off the ice until further notice.

On Tuesday, provincial police and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) sent out a message to everyone who sleds on OFSC trails.

“We need cyclists on these trails only when they are open and when you are on these trails keep in mind the speed limit is 50 mph,” said OPP Sgt. Ontario. Kerry Schmidt.

The OFSC opened some of its trails in Wasaga Beach and Orillia on Tuesday.

The club has approximately 30,000 kilometers of trails in Ontario.

“Red marked trails are not available at this time. Let’s have a little patience, let our volunteers do their job, and they will do their best to make them available,” said OFSC CEO Ryan Eickmeier.

Brent Liddard is one of many trails in the snow groomer work area.

“We still have to pack the trails. We still have to fill in the ditches. We still have to finish checking the last little sign and make sure everything is okay.”

The police remind everyone that you are uninsured and can be charged if you drive your sled on a closed trail.


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