Ontario Provincial Police laid more than 300 charges in two-day blitz in Wasaga


Thanks to strong cooperation, an increased police presence and the vigilance of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), street racers and illegal stuntmen continue to reach the end of the road before they can move on to the top speed.

Being proactive both behind and on the scene proved successful once again for the OPP in the town of Wasaga Beach this past weekend when officers evaded plans and activities of unauthorized races and stunts. While this latest investigative and enforcement strategy has been an effective deterrent to illegal and organized riders and stunt riders, other motorists in the Wasaga Beach area have kept the OPP busy. Ontario, committing various offenses under the Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code.

Between September 23 and 25, 2022, the Ontario Provincial Police charged 154 drivers with over 300 offences. Speeding and distracted driving were among the dangerous road behaviors for which drivers were held responsible. The other charges were related to various dangerous and dangerous actions and behaviors while driving and dangerous vehicles.

The Ontario Provincial Police thanks the members and citizens of the Town of Wasaga Beach for their invaluable support and cooperation in helping to keep the roads and their community safe.

Drivers, other road users and citizens are reminded that the OPP will continue to be proactive, highly visible and vigilant this weekend and in the weeks ahead.

The OPP remains committed to saving lives on Ontario’s roads, waterways and trails.



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