‘Obviously concerning’: WRPS notifies residents of Waterloo University Quarter of suspicious activity


Waterloo Regional Police officers were going door to door in the University area of ​​Waterloo on Saturday morning, handing out leaflets with safety tips, following a number of alarming incidents.

According to police, there have been multiple reports of someone looking out of windows in the Hickory Street and Austin Drive areas.

“We give advice, you know, first be aware and report suspicious activity,” said staff superintendent Eugene Fenton. “Make sure that at the end of the evening you close the blinds, if you have them. Consider installing motion sensor lighting.

From July 3 to July 14, there were four incidents of people in private residences looking out of windows.

“Which is obviously concerning,” Fenton said. “When we have had a series of incidents like this, we want to make sure that first the public is aware of it, and secondly, that we have done our part by giving the right safety advice to these people.

The most recent incident happened on Wednesday evening. Police have released photos of a man seen peeking through the windows and are hoping someone can help identify the man in the footage.

“This will help us continue our investigation and identify these individuals and determine what their motives were,” Fenton said.

Peeking out of someone’s window is a criminal offense that could result in charges of trespassing at night, according to police.

Residents who live in the university district say the situation is “scary”.

“I have two children,” said one resident. “Unattended for a moment, you never know what people might do. Dangerous world out there.

Some residents say they are grateful that the police are taking the necessary steps to get the word out.

“It’s good to let people know and make sure they know what’s going on,” said another resident.

Officers are reminding people to stay alert and report any suspicious activity.


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