Noah’s superpower: local boy with autism was one of the performers at Ormond Beach Live music festival



Where words fail the music speaks.

This quote from Hans Christian Andersen rings true for 12-year-old Noah Arazashvili of Daytona Beach, who gave his first 40-minute piano concert inside the Casements at the third annual Ormond Beach Live music and art festival. Original on Saturday September 7. 25. Noah started his performance with a 15 minute set on the main side stage at Rockefeller Gardens, and for his mother, Rachel Arazashvili, it marked a moment of pride not only for Noah, but for the autism community. in general. It showed that this population has incredible gifts to share with the world, she said.

“We are raising him to recognize his strengths and not focus on his weaknesses, and, as an advocate for autism, that is why I encourage parents to do so,” Arazashvili said, Executive Director of Kidds are First, an Ormond Beach-based nonprofit association that provides foster children, orphans and underprivileged with items such as clothing, new school supplies and special occasion clothing.

3-year-old Noah Arazashvili playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Courtesy photo

Noah, who is called Noah AZ on stage, started playing the piano around the age of 3. Before that, however, his parents noticed that he was drawn to music. Although his speech was delayed, he found a way to communicate with his parents through the songs preprogrammed on his keyboard. Eventually, he learned to play the songs himself by memorizing the sequence of the keys that lit up as the songs played.

His mother said it was his super power.

“He was pressing on the keyboard and it was like that light came on,” Arazashvili said. “It was his world and his element and he was just playing these songs.”

At age 7, Noah fired his piano teacher, not because he didn’t like him, but because he was already composing songs on his own. He couldn’t express that what his teacher was teaching him was too easy for him. Later, his parents found 10 original songs on his iPad, all composed by Noah using the GarageBand app.

Noah Arazashvili plays the piano inside the Casements during the third edition of the Ormond Beach Live Original Music and Art festival at Rockefeller Gardens on Saturday, September 25. Photo courtesy of Charles Griffin

Then, as a family, they went through each song and named them after aspects of Noah’s life at the time: “Me, Myself and iPad”, “Gluten Free R&B” and “B12 Stomp” are among the securities.

These 10 songs will become Noah’s debut album, released in 2016 and titled “Rhythm Unspoken”. They celebrated his CD release at EasterSeals, and the money he earned went to buy his upright piano, which cost him $ 35 on Swip-Swap.

Arazashvili said she was blown away when she saw him perform at Ormond Beach Live. He pulled off the gig, she said. Instead of sheet music, the only thing on his piano stand was a script to remind him what to say to the audience. All the songs he performed, including an original, have been performed by memory.

For his part, Noah said he just enjoys learning new music on the piano.

“I feel like it touches my soul,” Noah said.



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