No-Payroll loan – Opinions and information

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One of the best companies in the industry, providing the best conditions to access its products and pay for them. If you need short-term financing, this article is of great interest to you.

Personal financing is very important not only for the banking system of a country, but for the domestic economy: they involve financing or the method by which many families acquire goods or services that their monthly salary does not allow them.

For example, a television, a new car, a house, the financing of a personal project such as school or even a company.

focuses on small-scale financing, mini-loans or microloans, which represent an advance in the payroll to alleviate any need of an urgent and inescapable nature.

is a company that belongs to a much larger financial group and is present in more or less eight countries in Europe and, also, in the United States, with different brands, according to the idiosyncrasy of each country.

It is, therefore, a solid company, with experience and that provides enormous confidence thanks to the support of that financial group that supports, finances and risks their money in.

If you want to know serious, reliable and reliable companies that provide quick loans, you will undoubtedly be very interested in this article, where we will tell you all the details of the product that has created for people who need liquidity urgently.

Details of quick loan

Details of quick loan

Well, let’s take a closer look at the product that offers.

For there are two types of clients: new and recurrent, and try to better consent to those who have already placed their trust in them, than in those who barely reach the community.

Therefore, the limit of money granted for new customers is € 300 to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days.

If you go back to, the second and successive loans can be a maximum of € 800, although little interest, since this article is focused on new customers, who do not know at all.



Undoubtedly, the advantage over the other microcredit companies  is that the client has the possibility of asking for up to 800 euros. This figure, although it can not be requested in the first microcredit, is higher than the one offered by its competitors, which normally costs around 600 euros.

Therefore, and although it is not advisable to choose a microcredit company with the possibility of using it in the future (because it is more interesting other ways of financing in the case of having cash problems) this point is remarkable when talking about.

Another point in favor of this company is that its website is very simple, so requesting a loan is simple. You can have the money in a couple of steps, without having to search through hidden web pages for what you are really requesting. Also, if you have any problems or need information, you can contact them in a simple way, by phone or email, as they answer quickly.

Requirements to access the quick loan

Requirements to access the quick loan

Forget about showing until your parents are your parents, as it usually happens in traditional banking, and lifelong, to seek an endorsement and to demonstrate every penny you earn, and that what you earn, is almost identical in quantity to money requested.

The requirements with are minimal and any person with fixed income is able to comply, because they are only as a method of data verification and to avoid the identity theft of people who ignore it: security is maximum.

These are the requirements that must be met by those wishing to access the quick loan offered by:

  1. Be between 18 and 65 years old at the time of the loan
  2. If you are a foreigner, have permanent residence in Spain
  3. Have your NIE or valid ID at the time you request your loan
  4. A mobile that receives SMS correctly
  5. Have an email
  6. Have an active bank account
  7. Have a debit or credit card
  8. Have income that allows you to pay the loan correctly on the agreed date, and that you choose

Although it is not stipulated, can request certain documents from its applicants, which they must send in pdf, jpeg or png format by email or through their client area, and they have only one consequence, which is the delay of approval. of the request, and it is only done when the company needs to verify a data or several.

Cost of the quick loan

Cost of the quick loan

The price of the loan is called ‘interest rate’, and it is very difficult to say in a concrete way, because the loans it offers are personalized by each of its clients, both in the time period of payment, and in the amount requested..

Although normally governed by the APR as any financial company within the territory attached to the European Union, and round about 2333% annually, convertible monthly.

In any case, you will see the amount you will pay in the form of interest in each of the processes of your loan application, the information is transparent.

Let’s look at some examples of quick loan.

If you request € 600, you should see how the costs change according to the chosen time period, for example:

  • If you choose a period of 30 days, you must return the amount of € 780
  • If your term is 21 days, change the amount to € 750
  • If you choose a term of 14 days, the amount to be returned is reduced to € 720

If your request is the maximum, that is, € 800, these are the amounts:

  • In 14 days, € 960
  • 21 days, € 1,000
  • 30 days, € 1,040

As you can see, depending on the amount, and the term, the interest is higher or lower, and the more money you request the shorter term, it will be much cheaper than with the maximum period available.

How to apply for a quick loan in

How to apply for a quick loan in

The process to apply for your loan to is very simple and will not take more than five minutes.

It is good that you read the process carefully, so you will know in advance what kind of data you need to have on hand so that time is minimum, and eliminate the uncertainty factor of the whole process.

Let’s start with the process:

1.- Establish the quantities

On the homepage you will see two huge bars, each representing the payment term and the amount of money you request, respectively.

On the right side you will see the payment date, cost and other relevant information, and it is just a simulation, so you know the cost of your loan.

Remember that you must request a maximum of € 300 on your first credit application, otherwise you will be asked for credentials that show that you have already been a customer in the past.

If everything is fine, click on “Apply for your loan”.

2- Confirm the quantities

You will now have a screen that asks you to set the amounts. Remember that the previous step is only a simulation and this screen is really your request.

You only have to establish the quantities, again, or confirm them if they have stayed like the ones you put on the previous screen, accept the conditions of the contract and click on next.

3.- Your personal information

Then, you will see a large form on this screen, do not be scared, you are asked for all your personal information to be able to make your request official and comply with the objective of verifying the identity and comply with current legislation regarding financial products.

This is the information you must provide:

  1. Gender
  2. Full name (divided into name and surname)
  3. DNI or NIE
  4. Birthdate
  5. Mobile phone
  6. Additional contact phone (optional)
  7. Email
  8. Address of your habitual residence
  9. Bank account, including the IBAN (if you do not have it, ask your bank)

If all the data is correct, click on the green button that says “Next”.

On the next screen you will be asked for more additional information such as your debit card and other information, which are part of the same step.

If everything goes well, go ahead with your request.

3.- Validate your mobile

The next step is important, and will associate your mobile with your account, in order to prevent anyone other than you from doing any procedure in, a method used by large companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

You will receive a unique and disposable password by means of an SMS, which you will have to write on the screen to continue with the application.

If you are late in receiving the SMS, or simply do not receive it, review the data going back, or call the phones.

4.- Accept the contract

You will be presented with the contract. Read carefully the conditions and everything you consider relevant, and if you agree, accept or reject the contract.

5.- Accept your request

As a security, will present a summary of all your request, from personal data, the loan, and other information in a simple table to read and interpret.

If all the information is correct, simply accept, and send now, your credit request to.

In a matter of minutes you will receive the answer by means of an SMS, and if it is affirmative, the requested money will be sent almost immediately to your bank account, and depending on your bank, it will take minutes, hours or up to two working days, in see it in your account and dispose of it.

How to return the loan to

How to return the loan to

When your loan is approved, will send you by email the contract, which for the amount, does not need to go through Notary, and in it you will see the payment date in which you must pay in full the loan you have requested.

To avoid discomfort, uses your debit or credit card to pass the payment for it. If this is not possible, you will be notified, but you will be liable to a fine for payment for delay or non-payment.

You just have to have the money in your account associated with your debit card.

If you know in advance that payment by card will not be possible, call to be informed about alternative methods of payment, and avoid fines.

On postponements

On postponements

until recently did not have any clear policy of postponements, because for this the applicant is asked to have income that covers in full the payment of the requested money. If not, call to find an alternative solution, because there is no, we repeat, policy or method to obtain an extra period for the return of the loan.

Although talking to them, we have been told that the loan can be renewed, that is what they call the postponement of all life.

The method is simple, and you can do it from your personal client area.

The term granted by in case of not being able to correctly settle your debt is 14, 21 and 30 days, respectively.

The cost for each term is 20% for 14 days, 25% for 21 days, and 30% for 30% for 30 days, all of the total amount of your loan, and you will have to pay the percentage when requesting the extension or the postponement.

Thus, when the final day of the extension arrives, you pay the full amount of the loan.

Remember that you must request it, always, and only, before the expiration date.

For example, if you have obtained a loan of € 800 (at any time), and you have not been able to pay, you will request an extension or renewal. At the time of request, imagine, for 21 days, the amount of € 200, and after 21 days, settle the debt of € 800.

About your personal area in

About your personal area in

The personal area is the personalized office for its clients. Unfortunately, you can not see it unless you have been a customer of a loan with them, unlike other companies that allow the registration without requesting any loan with them.

In it you can see the status of your current loan, if you have it, information about your payment date, the payment methods available, an area to update your data in case of changes, the renewal option (from the previous point), and Of course, the option of requesting another loan from once the current loan is completed, and without any formalities, since all the key information is already available from your first loan.