News 3 investigates the financial impact of the absence of SITW


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va .– Pharrell Williams has said the Something in the Water festival will not continue and said the city is run by toxic energy.

News 3 takes an in-depth look at the financial impacts of the decision, as the pandemic has caused suffering to parts of the tourism industry in the resort town.

COVID-19 has forced the festival to be canceled in 2020 and 2021.

In 2019, $ 24 million was generated from the event and it was a huge success.

But letters publicly exchanged between the Virginia Beach city manager and Pharrell Williams show there are issues between the two sides.

Williams said the city is run by toxic energy that changed the tale of her cousin’s death and the mass shooting in Building 2.

His cousin, Donovon Lynch, was shot dead by a police officer on March 26.

Many people and businesses are disappointed that the festival does not take place.

“It has really generated so much good throughout the city, not just through the dollars and cents, but also through the harmony it has brought to the city,” said John Zirkle, who runs DoubleTree by Hilton and the president of the Virginia Beach Hotel Association. .

News 3 investigates what the lack of a festival means financially for the region.

Monday at 6 a.m., we take a look at who is affected and to what extent.


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