New survey of taxpayer groups circulates with misleading comments


The Town of Wasaga Beach has learned that the Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association has created a poll and is asking for the public’s opinion. The investigation concerns the redevelopment of the waterfront. The introduction contains misleading information.

This isn’t the first time the city has needed to warn the public about misleading information from the association.

The Taxpayers Association Continues to Spread Lies – October 21, 2021

Association of taxpayers spreading false information – June 8, 2021

It is important that the public know the facts about the waterfront redevelopment.

On its Facebook page, in a post promoting the link to the association’s investigation, the association says there are “secret negotiations” underway regarding the sale of city-owned land on the waterfront.

Using such language implies that the city is doing something wrong, is inflammatory and deceptive. Under the Ontario Municipal Act (239(2)(c), land transaction negotiations can be conducted confidentially to protect both parties and is standard practice throughout Ontario.

The city is transparent about its efforts to redevelop the waterfront and has been candid about the negotiation process. City staff, as appropriate, brief council members on negotiations at closed council meetings and, if necessary, receive relevant direction from council. The city will notify the community when negotiations are complete. For a detailed history, consult our project page on the city’s website.

Also, please see our latest press release, which discusses the negotiations.

Our Waterfront Redevelopment FAQ – updated as needed – is also a great source of information on this.

We have also shared related information through our monthly electronic newsletter.

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In addition, the media reported on the negotiations.

Wasaga Beach could strike a waterfront deal by the end of April –

Talks Begin With New Developer in Beachfront Lands – Max FM

The preamble to the survey speaks of the need for an “audit” of the promoter before an agreement. This is misleading as the municipality’s due diligence includes ensuring the company’s financial security prior to an agreement. Further, any agreement will be legally binding and subject to potential litigation if breached by either party.

The survey’s preamble also suggests there is no way for the public to share their thoughts on the redevelopment of city-owned land on the waterfront. The public was heavily involved in preparing the plan downtown director, official plan policies for the waterfront area, zoning restrictions for the area, creation of design guidelines for waterfront development, and environmental assessment of these lands . Under Ontario’s Planning Act, there are no further requirements for public participation. The developer has proposed a development that respects these urban planning parameters.

The public can communicate with the city in several ways.

At any time, the public can share their thoughts by emailing or calling the city or a member of council.

The public can also share their thoughts via our community engagement portal on any subject related to the city.

The public can also express their views on the subject during council meetings when the subject is on the agenda.

The preamble to the survey also suggests that public meetings take place before any sale transaction is concluded. At the appropriate time, the proposed development for the city-owned land by the sea will be shared with the public for information.

The city is pursuing the redevelopment of its beachfront properties as one of council’s goals and priorities for the 2018-2022 term. The Council as a whole established these goals at the start of the term, based on public feedback during the election. The city went through an extensive public process to select preferred developers. She is currently negotiating with Bayloc, a reputable developer with a long history of building residential and mixed-use communities in Wasaga Beach and the GTHA.

Please note that the survey itself requires participants to provide an email address. The city advises extreme caution when sharing personal information. Your email could be used for purposes you did not intend.

The best source for accurate city information is the city’s website at


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