Moving-in weekend at the Nipissing university residence




It was a busy weekend on the Nipissing University campus as students moved into the residence’s three different buildings.

“It’s exciting, all the people here seem super nice and great, and the atmosphere and environment is just wonderful. Everyone is excited and nervous to move in but I think it will be a great year,” sophomore Owen Woodall said.

“It’s really nice, my donation on my floor is really lovely. They have some online activities planned for us which is really fun. We met new people outside and got together,” said Talia Florence, first year student.

University officials told CTV News that student safety is the number one priority and said all students living in residence have the COVID-19 protocol they must follow.

“We do not allow anyone to move from residence to residence or even bring in outside guests,” said Cole Maddin, a residence donation – also known as a resident assistant who assists students. living on campus.

“Here we are at Chancellors House, only Chancellor students are allowed to be here. Even if you are in another residence, you cannot enter here. Even donations cannot enter between residences”, a- he declared.

The school year begins in just over a week, and recently Nipissing announced that everyone on campus must be fully immunized.



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