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The Beach Family Alliance is pleased to bring the “Mom Swap” to Wasaga Beach in an outdoor environment in accordance with covid protocols

What is a MOM SWAP?

Do you have any toys and / or clothes that your children have grown too old or too loved?
Bring them to the Moms Exchange (donations can also be dropped off in advance at the Wasaga Beach Public Library) No holes / torn clothes or broken toys please!

Go through table after table of other gifts and take the current size of your children !!

You have nothing to give ??
This is absolutely fine! Come shopping! Get these back to school items for the whole family.

It’s free??

We will have an optional cash donation at the door. All proceeds will be used to fill backpacks for local children for the start of the school year. Monetary donations are optional.


Join the Beach Family Alliance behind the Wasaga Beach Library under designated tents. It will be a one-way system, with clear entry and exit signs.

Please bring masks and if your children are accompanying you please watch them closely as we are close to a parking lot.

We do our best to sort the donations, but please be aware that these are second hand donations.

It is your responsibility as an adult to check and clean items for your children before they are given away
for them, Beach Family Alliance, Wasaga Public Library, and Debbie Yaniw Community Services assume no responsibility for any items you remove from the exchange. Please mark your calendar and get ready to shop.

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