Mohamad Lilo faces charges in connection with the disappearance of Elnaz Hajtamiri


Elnaz Hajtamiri’s former boyfriend is facing charges in connection with his alleged abduction six months ago in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Following an investigation, police have now charged Montreal’s Mohamad Lilo with kidnapping, which provincial police say is linked to Hajtamiri’s January 12 disappearance. He is also charged with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping related to the attack on Hajtamiri in Richmond Hill. in December 2021.

Nine days after her disappearance, the Ontario Provincial Police announced that Lilo was charged with criminal harassment. Police have confirmed that Hajtamiri was stalked following alleged threats from Lilo after she broke up with him in the fall.


In January, Hajtamiri was forcibly taken from the home of a family member – where she was hiding after the attack – by three men posing as cops claiming to have a warrant for her arrest.

According to York Regional Police, two men attacked Hajtamiri in an underground car park in Richmond Hill weeks before his alleged abduction.

She suffered a head injury that required around 40 stitches in her forehead. Police later confirmed that she had been hit in the head with a frying pan.

Hajtamiri’s family said his vehicle had tracking devices at the time of the parking lot assault.


In April two other men, Riyasat Singh and Harshdeep Binner, were charged by York Regional Police with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping in relation to the December 20 underground car park attack in Richmond Hill.

Singh was arrested at a Brampton home on April 14, while a Canada-wide warrant was issued for Binner.

Binner and Singh were previously arrested in Alberta in March following a police investigation into the theft of more than 40 Ford F-150 pickup trucks in Edmonton.

Hajtamiri, now 38, has not been seen or heard from since her alleged abduction.

She is five-foot-three with a slim build and shoulder-length black hair that was cut shorter before she disappeared.

Police say she immigrated to Canada from Iran less than four years ago.


The Hajtamiri family released a statement after the charges were announced.

It reads: “We are grateful to hear that the Ontario Provincial Police have made progress in apprehending the suspects of her attack and abduction and in understanding what happened to our dear Elnaz.

It has been an exhausting and painful 6 months since her disappearance, as we have continued to search for her endlessly. We met only the silence of the kidnappers, and no trace was found of our beautiful daughter.

We hope the arrest of this suspect will bring us closer to his search.”

The family thanked OPP investigators and officers “for their hard work, compassion and dedication to this case. We are really grateful and hope that this evolution will allow us to find Elnaz.

Anyone with information is asked to call the dedicated hotline at 1-833-728-3415, local police or Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.


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