Local REALTOR® supporting pets and people in South Georgian Bay


The Georgian Triangle Humane Society sees an increased need for support – and Clairwood & Rioux Baker Real Estate teams are answering the call

There has been an overwhelming increase in the number of dogs and cats abandoned by their owners in recent months, but the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) continues to strive to find the best loving home for every animal that enters.

Select local Clairwood Real Estate Corporation real estate agents and the Rioux Baker Real Estate team are helping the GTHS achieve this goal.

From July 31 to August 6, 2022, members of Clairwood and Team Rioux Baker participated in the 10th Annual GTHS Walkathon and raised nearly $1,800.

While the total of $90,000 raised was just short of the GTHS goal, the money is helping to keep the lights on and the love shining at Collingwood’s Animal Center. So far this year, the GTHS has:

  • provided shelter for 1,500 homeless animals;
  • neutered/neutered 2,700 pets and feral cats;
  • kept 420 pets with their families during the crisis
  • and ensured that 320 families had food for their pets in times of financial hardship through Pet Support Services

“We are all animals in Clairwood, and we are committed to supporting the welfare of pets in our area,” says Joanne Brown, sales representative and manager of training and marketing, who volunteers with GTHS, working at the Animal Center with cats, foster kittens and as a member of the walkathon and golf tournament planning committees.

The Rioux Baker Real Estate Team in Clairwood, with Team Leaders Emma Baker and Sherry Rioux, Brokers, is the GTHS Adoption Partner, helping with the costs of the adoption program and promoting adoptions through through their social media videos.

The need for the types of animal services provided by the GTHS is evident, based on the number of recently abandoned and released dogs and cats cared for by the Animal Center. That’s part of why the GTHS embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise $14 million to build a new 19,200 square foot regional center for pets and people on 5 acres of land in Collingwood. .

The fundraising campaign raised nearly $4 million to achieve its goal, and the Rioux Baker Immobilier team had a significant impact by sponsoring one of the rooms in the new regional center.

“The Rioux Baker Immobilier team has always been dedicated to our local community, but everyone on the team was in unison when we discussed our main passion…animals. Most of us are pet owners and we decided as a team that we wanted to give back to help animals find homes and live better lives. So when the opportunity arose for us to participate and make a difference, it was a no-brainer! said team leaders Sherry Rioux and Emma Baker.

“We looked at all the options to provide opportunities when we saw the fundraising wish list. Our feeling that a place where people could relax and discuss their needs or wait while adoptions were in progress was a perfect place for us to sponsor, so the Cat Café coffee space was our location of choice. Being a contributor to the fundraising campaign, as well as our monthly adoption sponsorship program has given our team great satisfaction and a sense of pride.

People can support the work of the GTHS in many ways.

Those interested can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor; support the fundraising campaign with a donation, or donate to the pet pantry by dropping off pet supplies at the Animal Center or Collingwood or Wasaga Beach Pet Value locations.

Some local supporters even held their own fundraisers, like yoga classes and bake sales. And you can watch the GTH website for fun events like Walkathon, Golf Tournament, Cupcake Day and others.

The relationship between people and their pets is often the key to good mental and physical health, and the work of the GTHS is so important in supporting this in our Southern Georgian Bay region.

Rioux Baker Real Estate Team and Clairwood Real Estate Corporation real estate agents are honored to work with the GTHS toward these goals.

Visit the Georgian Triangle Humane Society online here.

Learn more about Clairwood Real Estate by visiting them online here and the The Rioux Baker team here.


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