LETTERS: Several residents express their frustration with the new bins


Several readers have sent in their comments on Simcoe County’s new garbage, recycling and organics carts, here is a compilation of their thoughts

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It was a good letter from two elderly people regarding the large garbage containers.

I am a senior living alone and on oxygen at home and need to have someone bring my garbage to the road.

My regular trash can is right outside my front door, my recycling bin is inside.

I don’t have room to keep these monster containers. I think more investigation could have been done to look at individual needs.

It happened so quickly without any consideration for some households and their needs.

Michèle Keith
Collingwood, ON


Why does one senior citizen need these large bins?

Also, where do you store them? Our houses are all terraced. We have garages for one car. Where do we put them on the veranda? It would make the neighborhoods look like a dumping ground.

Who had this idea? Where was their head?

This must be rethought according to our needs. Not everyone has the same thing. We should have had the choice between small or large bins.

Joyce Mackenzie
Wasaga Beach (Ontario)


i’m in my 85e year and have enough trouble arranging the current bins. As for the new ones, I have no idea how I’m going to handle them.

I would even hire a youngster, to put out, but there are no young people in my area that I know of.

I can’t believe there is no other solution in this high tech world.

Jeanne Roth
Collingwood, ON


I have just read the letter regarding the new trash cans and I totally agree with the author’s opinion. We are in the same situation as most of our neighbors.

It was a ridiculous decision by the county.

Nancy Femia

Wasaga Beach (Ontario)


I have lived in the Collingwood area for 25 years and we just retired here.

This program has already been done, how did our so-called government make such an unnecessary mistake.

Toronto, perhaps 12 years ago, underwent this change.

People had the choice of “what size” they wanted depending on the circumstances (family, single person, retirees). A little logic there.

So tell me, it’s already been done, what the hell were they thinking?

Now you have a community that looks at garbage on garbage day.

Someone has to go! All the way to the top.

Anna knowles
Collingwood, ON


My neighbor and I are disabled, over 70 and live alone. It will take us all winter to fill these bins.

In addition, being disabled, we will not be able to bring the bins to the curb without someone’s help.

We have no one to help us, so we ask for a better solution.

There are other old people in the neighborhood who feel the same way.

A neighbor’s husband has cancer and she’s a tiny little woman, she’ll never be able to move those trash cans.

Most of Wasaga Beach are seniors. Why weren’t we asked if these bins would be a problem for us?

Lucy Teal
Wasaga Beach (Ontario)


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