Jim ‘Poorman’ Trenton hosts 29-hour New Years Eve marathon party on KOCI Radio



Jim “Poorman” Trenton at the KOCI studio

The first time I spoke to Jim “Poorman” Trenton was when he was DJing on KROQ in the mid 80’s and I called to request a song and I won two albums.

The last time I saw Poorman, he was at the Newport Beach Film Festival and had a mini concert of local musicians.

Trenton, a Newport Beach resident, left KROQ in the mid-90s and now has a regular weekday morning show on KOCI, whose studio is on the border of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

I’ll be listening to Trenton next week when he hosts a 29 hour radio show on KOCI 101.5 FM to celebrate New Years from 6 a.m. on New Years Eve and until 11 a.m. on New Years Eve. new Year’s Day.

There is a charity component to the event: listeners are invited to call with their requests and favorite charities. Poorman will provide each designated charity with a live public service announcement directing listeners to the charity’s website to donate as part of the festivities.

Its New Years Marathon Party is said to feature a variety of guests, including surprise sponsors and celebrities, as they welcome the New Years around the world.

The show will be broadcast live on KOCI 101.5 FM radio and www.kociradio.com, and will also be broadcast live on www.poorman.net, Alexa, TuneIn, the Smart Radio app and a live video stream. direct on Facebook at https: // www.facebook.com/jim.p.trenton.

“It has always been a dream for me to do this radio marathon and now it’s happening for the second year in a row,” Trenton said. “It’s reminiscent of the days when DJs lock themselves in the studio, take over the radio station and do whatever they want. In this case, it benefits a lot of good causes. I hope I will spend the full 29 hours.

For more information, contact Trenton at (949) 870.6155 or [email protected].

For those who don’t know Jim “Poorman” Trenton, he’s an American radio host, best known as the creator and original host of Loveline on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. He currently hosts a weekday morning radio show on KOCI 101.5 FM and hosts weekday morning shows on three additional stations in Phoenix, the Tri State area (Arizona, California and Nevada) and the High Desert, California. from South.



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