Global News Reader’s Pets Will Make Your Vacation Hairy and Bright



Let’s forget about the pandemic for a moment. Let’s put the anxiety and fear surrounding COVID-19 aside, and instead relish the adorable character of our pets. We asked you, Global News readers, and you answered! in their most festive holiday gear. Grab a cup of cocoa and sit back. We guarantee it will be the best parchment of your day. — Mr. Mango – Shae Taylor, Calgary, Alberta. Tica – Christine Kearnes. Maple the guinea pig!— Sarah Kinney (@ 14_SarahK) December 19, 2021 Ad story continues Leia, 5 months old – Yoon Mi and Michael, Ottawa, Ont. Chewie, 6, and Kalla, 2. The photo was taken on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature among all the trees lit up and involved a lot of cheese and lots of shots to get that perfect shot. Sadly, Chewie died of cancer this year. – Kristen Olaes, Edmonton. Tazzi, 6, and Loki, 4 months – Chris and Sabrina Ricci, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Stella and Jenni – Dianne Lesage, Amherstview, Ont. This is Hudson, aka one of Santa’s reindeer— Lauren Souch (@laurensouch) December 18, 2021 The story continues under the ad Bailey, 13 Rocky, 7 – Tania Pileggi, London, Ont . Jorja, 4 years old – Sadie, Sophie, Eva and Ella Diegel, Gadsby, Alberta. The story continues under the Whiskers commercial, 12 I take vacation photos of Whiskers every year. Friends and family laugh about it. For 2021, he received a Christmas sweater for his photoshoot. – Marnie Plant, BC Remington, 11, Skagit, 6, and Gunner, 2 – Susan Maximiuk, Buchanan, Sask. Jeremy, 10 – Kristina Dimitri, Toronto, Ont. Ziro, 5 years old – Aleisha Struble, Estevan, Saskatchewan. The story continues under the advertisement Koda, 6 years old Koda is a very happy dog ​​and has been a good boy all year round. Well, except for the garbage incident. Her favorite treat is licking an empty peanut butter jar. – Kathy McKenzie, Saskatoon, Sask. Bentley, 7 – Justine Henderson, Langley, BC The story continues under the ad Penny, 3 – Diana RyanKona, 6 – Lori Dykhuizen, Edmonton, Alta. This is Ringo the parakeet. Find out in her fancy party supplies!— Derek Fletcher (@RingsBird) December 18, 2021 The story continues as ad Bella, Tinka and Timmy These three pugs have brought festive joy to so many people over the years and have loved each other disguise. Sadly, Bella passed away last year. – Barb Takacs, Peterborough, Ont. Bailey, 6 – Jaime King, Deseronto, Ont. Trends Sully, 9 months – Laurie Jackson, St. Thomas, Ont. The story continues under the ad Luka, 1— Tara Paterok, Edmonton, Alta. Here is Luna, she is 2 years old and her first Christmas with us! We got it from @SCARS_Alberta in April. If you choose to broadcast this live, can you tell me when and on what day? Thank you very much, Happy Holidays! ❤️💚 -Christine Meier— Christine (@ christineh08) December 20, 2021 Jake, 8 years old, Birdy, 1 years old, Gizmo, 6 months old and Milo, 4 years old— Connie Sandbach, Calgary, Alta. The story continues under the advertisement Blessing, 4, Java, 4, Keno, 3, Sami, 5 All four are rescue dogs from Taiwan. They wear their naughty or nice hats. – Linda Hahn, South Frontenac, Ont. Danika, 8 – Arthur Gallant, Calgary, Alberta. The story continues under the Stella commercial, 3 You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf… look grumpy on the couch. – Amy LaBuick, St. Albert, Alta. Daisy is excited for Christmas!— Jennifer Macko (@jennifer_macko) December 18, 2021 Honey, 7 weeks— Emma Margetts’ story continues under the Ax ad, 4— Bill Nash, St. Mary’s First Nation, NBSparky Spartacus, 9 The Sparkster loves Christmas and the holiday season after working all year off the naughty list. – Vicki and Brent BuechlerCharlie and Dylan— Diane MacInnes The story continues in the commercials Here is Belle after being pampered all day at her favorite “spaw”. Belle is 6 years old and lives up to her princess name! ❤️🎄🐶— Kari Tanaka (@KariTanaka) December 15, 2021 Vlad our canine elf on the shelf. All he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth !. – Jan and Bob MintyScout, 1 – Tammy and Faith Toronchuk, Sherwood Park, Alberta. Story Continues Under Commercial Luna, 8 – Nowell, Eli and Ruby Cummings, Brandon, Man.Tofu, 2 – Bennett Chin, Vancouver, BC Story Continues Under Commercial Fenway – Melissa MacKinleyJack, 1 – Kennedy Drader, Sherwood Park, Alta.Junebug, 8 months – Callie Harding, Raymond, Alta. The story continues under the advertising Pokkelmuis and Moomin— Felicia Viola, Wasaga Beach, Ont.Tinkles, 3, Patches, 3, and Nala, 2— Camila Garces, London, Ont. Story continues ad Charlie, 8 – Brittany LynnBauer, 2 – Paige and Jordan, West Kelowna, BCLoki, 8 – Stephanie Henry Ad Story continues Geordie & Penny Lane – Michela 🇮🇹 🎶 (@ switzer0501) December 15, 2021 Darby, 4 – Rebecca Gannon, Calgary, Alta Binoo Binoo really loves Christmas, his Santa costume and the fireplace on TV – Kathy Pike, Bentley, Alta. The story continues under the ad Bubbles, 14, Carhartt Joe, 2, Ellie-Mae, 7, and Jedda, 14 – Kristy and Brad Russell, Kaleden, BCChandler Bing, 1 – Erica Landry, Petawawa, Ont . The story continues with the Chubbs and Buttercup ad the guinea pigs—Lisa Higgins (@ Lisaldb6) December 19, 2021Sebastian and Penelope — Kevin WayCharlie, 2, and Milo, 14— Brenda Davis, Renfrew, Have. © 2021 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.



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