Fanshawe College will keep most students online this fall



London, Ont. –

Fanshawe College says that while it has strong health and safety protocols in place for a return to in-person activities this fall, the majority of students will still learn virtually.

Michelle Beaudoin, vice-president of student services, explains that they will have “10,000 to 11,000 students fully online and that’s probably about 60% of them and then about 35% who are in co-ed programs, which means about 6,500 would be in mixed programming. “

After recent updates from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Fanshawe College has reaffirmed that it is expanding its university programs and in-person student services, but that doesn’t mean everyone will learn in person.

First-year student Martina of Kitchener-Waterloo is not thrilled at the prospect of learning online.

“I’m so excited to walk away and experience some things on my own … It really sucks because learning is so much harder and understanding all the information that’s being taught.”

The school will continue to follow public health guidelines on how to safely ensure the academic success and experiences of its students and how to adapt as needed.

For now, although Beaudoin has said: “The library will be open, our bookstore and campus stores will be open, our Fanshawe student office will be open and our fitness center, which many students are happy about. , will be open.”

Fanshawe will implement the following COVID-19 plans:

  • 60 percent of students will study fully online this fall, 35 percent will study partially online with limited activities on campus, and five percent will work in a co-op or other internship program.
  • Reduced occupancy of classrooms with a distance of two meters when possible
  • gradual return to campus for staff as part of a new flexible working policy that will reduce the number of staff working on campus on a daily basis
  • Mandatory COVID-19 screening assessment online each day before coming to college with faculty, campus security, and authorized staff to confirm that students have completed screening
  • Face coverings mandatory at all times in places accessible to the public such as hallways, university laboratories and classrooms, reception areas, catering services, etc.

Students living in residence and student athletes will need proof of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

“It has a lot to do with the fact that the residence is obviously a gathering place – they’re closer. And then the same in varsity athletics, obviously traveling and playing with other teams,” said Beaudoin.

Fanshawe does not require proof of vaccination for labs, classes, or in-person services, but strongly encourages everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Martina understands the precautions, but says, “I really hope that changes and we can get back to in-person learning, but we just have to face what lies ahead.”



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