Ed Sheeran happy to offer Love Yourself to Justin Bieber | Entertainment



Ed Sheeran doesn’t think “Love Yourself” would have been “that big” if he hadn’t given it to Justin Bieber.

The hitmaker “Bad Habits” wrote the hitmaker for the Canadian singer in 2015 and although he knows that if he performs it himself it will always elicit a good reaction, he is still happy to have given the song because he doesn’t think it would have been. so much success if it hadn’t been a central part of Justin’s comeback.

Speaking to Jack Antonoff about the favorite songs they’ve written for other artists, he said backstage at the Audacy Beach Festival in Florida: “I feel like the one that’s the slam dunk, every time that I’m at a concert, playing someone’s song. I wrote Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” because it was so huge for him.

“I think it’s his greatest song … anywhere in the world, if I took a guitar and played it, they’d be like ‘Oh my god, you wrote that! “.

“People always say, ‘Why didn’t you keep it? And to be honest, he was on such a roll at the time that I think it wouldn’t have been that big if I had sung it.

“He’s had his whole period of his life that was kinda … you know what I mean … And America loves a comeback story.”

Meanwhile, Ed is also reflecting on his touring schedule and recently revealed that his upcoming “Mathematics” live – which will debut in Dublin in April 2022 – will run for five years before it appears to be more selective.

Revealing that his wife Cherry Seaborn and their daughter Lyra – whom they welcomed into the world in August 2020 – will be joining him, he said: “I take my family with me. My daughter is one and when she starts the school I’m gonna want to be settled and I’m not going to want to do a five year world tour.

“So now is the time to do it. I’m going to do it until she’s five or six and then quit. Then I think I’ll be touring during the school holidays.”



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