Cyclists will ride local roads for a 6-day waterfront ride


Motorists are urged to exercise caution as cyclists will be in the area for the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure from August 7-12.

A group of cycling tourists will explore Simcoe County starting this weekend as part of the Great Adventure on the Waterfront Trailtraveling from Blue Mountain Village along the southern coast of Georgian Bay en route to the shore of Lake Simcoe.

Due to the number of cyclists participating, CAA Central-South Ontario invites motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to share the road and offers safety tips.

The route will follow these roads:

Sunday August 7: Blue Mountain Village to Meaford and Apple Pie Trail

  • gray path 19; Jozo Weider Boulevard north to Georgian Trail/Great Lakes Waterfront Trail
  • 7th line; Gray Road 40 to Sideroad 21
  • gray path 2; Sideroad 21 to Sideroad 24
  • Secondary road 24; Gray 2 Road to 10th Line / Beaver Valley Road
  • Gray Road 13/Beaver Valley Road/Marsh Street/Bruce Street South; Main Street (Heathcote) to Georgian Trail

Monday August 8: Blue Mountain Village in Midland

  • gray path 19; From Jozo Weider Boulevard to Monterra Road
  • Gray Road 21/34; Route from Monterra to Georgian Trail
  • Beachwood Road; From Lakeview Avenue to Bluewater Gate
  • Shore Lane/Shore Lane Trail (Wasaga Beach)
  • rue Mosly/main street; 3rd Street North to Stonebridge Boulevard
  • River Road East; From Stonebridge Boulevard to Eastdale Drive
  • Small beach road; Eastdale Drive to Balm Beach Rd
  • Baume beach road; Georgian Bay terminus at Little Trail
  • Main Street, Penetanguishene; From Brock Street to Robert Street

Tuesday, August 9: Midland, Thunder Beach Loop and Sainte-Marie among the Hurons

  • Main Street, Penetanguishene; From Robert Street to Brock Street
  • Concession Road 12; Small path to the road of small beaches
  • Small beach road; Concession Road 12 to Concession Road 19 West.
  • County Road 6 North; From Green Point Road to Lafontaine Road/County Road 26
  • County Road 26/Lafontaine Road/Concession 16 East; County Road 6 to Awenda Park Road
  • Awenda Park Path
  • Champlain Road; From Awenda Park Road to Robert Street West

Wednesday August 10: Midland to Orillia

  • Duck Bay Road Bridge, Waubaushene
  • Highway 400, Quarry Road and South Bay Road Overpasses
  • Port Severn Road North; Hodgins Road / Honey Harbor Road / Muskoka Road 5
  • Honey Harbor Road/Muskoka Road 5; From Port Severn Road to South Bay Road
  • South Bay Road/Muskoka Road 48; From Honey Harbor Rd to White Falls Rd/Muskoka Rd 34
  • White Falls Road/Muskoka Road 34; From Muskoka Road 48 to Upper Big Chute Road
  • Upper Big Chute Road/County Road 17/River Street; Muskoka Road 34 to Gray Street, Coldwater
  • Mississauga Street; From Lakeview Avenue to Highway 12
  • Highway 12 (trail); From Mississauga Street to University Avenue

Thursday August 11: Orillia to Midland

  • Highway 12 (trail); From University Avenue to Mississaga Street
  • Mississaga Street; Highway 12 to West Street South
  • Bayfield Street, Barrie; Waterfront to Ross Street
  • Ross Street/Sunnidale Road; From Bayfield Street to Anne Street North
  • Anne Street North; From Sunnidale Road to Carson Road
  • Snow Valley Road/County Road 43; Anne Street to Vespra Valley Road
  • Flos Road 11 West/Eastdale Drive; County Road 27 at River Road East
  • River Road East; From Eastdale Drive to Stonebridge Road
  • Main Street/River Road West/County Road 92, Wasaga Beach; East River Road to Wasaga Beach Arena

Friday August 12: From Wasaga Beach to Blue Mountain Village

  • River Road West/Main Street/Mosley Street; Wasaga Beach Arena to 3rd Street North
  • Shore Lane / Shore Lane Trail, Wasaga Beach
  • Beachwood Road; From Bluewater Gate to Lakeview Avenue
  • gray path 19; From Monterra Road to Jozo Weider Boulevard

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