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Roar Offshore races are scheduled to return to Fort Myers Beach on October 9. There will be pre-race events on October 7th and 8th. / Archive photo

After a year off from a COVID-19 pandemic, organizers of Roar Offshore Boat Races hope they can overtake another with powerboat races along the Gulf of Mexico from Bowditch Point Park to Diamondhead Resort from 7-9. October. .

On Monday, the Fort Myers Beach Council unanimously approved a special permit for racing, which will also include rental of parking spaces and a waiver of open container laws for Thursday, October 7 at 5 p.m. at 10 p.m. in Times Square. , Old San Carlos Boulevard, First Street, Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, and Fifth Street.

Fort Myers Beach City Deputy Mayor Rexann Hosafros has asked organizers to provide portable toilets for the event. Cyndee Hill and Tim Hill, the organizers of the event, said they will contact the event’s sponsors to provide space for a portable toilet. They said the highest demand for portable toilets at the event in 2019 was at the racing stands, Hooters, Lynn Hall Memorial Park and Crescent Beach Family Park. They said they would not use the county parks.

Hosafros made the approval of the special permit conditional on the provision that an adequate number of portable toilets equal to “The same number of bathrooms that were previously on Lee County property in some locations” which is made available to the public for the event.

The event will begin with an opening ceremony at Salty Sam’s Marina on the morning of October 7, which will be followed by a parade of boats and a street party that evening. There will be a “speed festival” at Salty Sam’s Marina on Friday with the main races held Saturday morning and afternoon off Fort Myers Beach on a racetrack that spans the Gulf of Mexico from Bowditch Point Park to the Diamondhead Resort.

Organizers will still need further regulatory approvals before the project can officially move forward, although the city’s special Monday permit has been a major hurdle.

“We’re always looking for off-season events and it’s a big boost to our local economy, so thank you for choosing Fort Myers Beach,” Board member Jim Atterholt told organizers.

“It’s a good thing for the beach” Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy said.



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