Consolidation Debts: loans and mortgage, how to apply

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 The debt consolidation loan is one of the financing options that Astrofinance reserves to its customers. This is certainly an excellent opportunity, for this reason in this article we will analyze the characteristics of this product, to see to whom it is addressed and why it may be useful to choose it. Finally, how to request a free estimate for this form of loan, to find out the treatment that will be reserved to us by the company.

Debt consolidation loan: what it is for and to whom it is addressed

Debt consolidation loan: what it is for and to whom it is addressed



If you are interested in receiving any form of financing, from Astrofinance you will most likely find the right product for you. In the wide range of personal loans Astrofinance, where we find excellent opportunities for example for the purchase of a car, a motorbike or a camper, but also to renovate the house, buy furniture or appliances and anything else, we also find the so-called debt consolidation. What is it? The consolidation of Astrofinance’s debts is a form of financing aimed at those who have contracted debts with different companies, for example for the purchase of goods or services of various types, and therefore find themselves having to pay the repayment installments to different recipients.. First of all this involves a problem of a practical nature, as each installment will have a different monthly expiration, and therefore every month we must remember the payment of all installments on the days defined by the contract. By choosing the debt consolidation of Astrofinance, all our debts with the banks will be precisely “consolidated”, ie unified into a single debt with a single bank, which will be just Astrofinance.

The first advantage will therefore be of a practical nature, given that every month we will have only one expiry date to remember and only one installment to pay. Moreover, given that very often the characteristics of the various loans in progress are quite different, choosing the consolidation of debts for the sum of money that we will have to repay, very often the monthly payment we will pay will be less than the sum of the previous installments of refund. This is because the applied interest rate is usually particularly advantageous compared to other loans on the market. Furthermore with Astrofinance debt consolidation the client has the option to redefine the repayment plan. This means that if you want to complete the repayment with greater serenity you can extend the duration of the loan compared to the number of months that you are missing from the total repayment of the various debts incurred. In this way, the amount that you will have to pay monthly in Astrofinance’s coffers will be lower than what you would pay without debt consolidation.

As we have said, the consolidation of Astrofinance’s debts is in effect a personal loan, thus inheriting the main features from this category of loans. The sum of money that can be requested will in fact be between € 1,000 and € 60,000. Unlike traditional loans, in this case the amount requested by the customer will not be paid into his current account. As we have already said, this amount will be necessary to make the repayments of the old loans received. For this reason, at the time of the request it is necessary to present the documentation related to the loans that are being repaid, in which the residual debt is specified. Once our request for debt consolidation will be accepted by the company, then Astrofinance will pay the amounts relating to the remaining debts to the various banks and financial institutions in which we have requested one or more loans in the past. The amount that can be requested through the consolidation of debts may therefore be equal to the sum of the residual debts with the various banks, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. In the event that in addition to having to complete repayments for past personal loans you are looking for a new loan, with Astrofinance debt consolidation you have the opportunity to receive new liquidity. As for the latter part of the amount that we are going to receive, the disbursement takes place directly on the current account in the name of the applicant, without the latter changing his bank.

The Astrofinance debt consolidation is aimed at all those who are resident in Italy and are aged between 18 and 75 years. As with any form of financing, it is also necessary to present adequate financial guarantees to the company. As specified on the Astrofinance website, only those who have a demonstrable income can apply for a loan application. We are talking about employees, who will have to present the last paycheck, or former retired employees, who will have access to Astrofinance debt consolidation through the presentation of the last pension slip, but also of self-employed workers, who will have to present the last tax return. Finally, an essential requirement to allow the provision of any form of loan is that the customer holds a current account. It is important to underline how the bank with which you hold the current account does not matter, which may in fact also be different from Astrofinance.

How to apply for a debt consolidation quote

How to apply for a debt consolidation quote



If you have received funding from several banks, and now you find yourself paying two or more repayment installments each month, then the loan option that is right for you is that of Astrofinance’s debt consolidation. To know in detail the characteristics of this product, what you need to do is request a quote. The company also offers the possibility for non-customers to simulate a personal loan through the Astrofinance website. In this way you will have the opportunity to know immediately the conditions of the financing that will be offered by the company. This is a completely free service and for which no registration is necessary, just as it is not necessary to enter personal data.

All that will be required to know the main features of the financing that will be offered to us, that is the installment that we will pay every month and the interest rates applied Tan and Taeg, will be the purpose of the loan and the amount of money we have need. Regarding the first item, we will have to choose from our drop down menu our requirement. As we have already said the consolidation of debts Astrofinance is a personal loan in all respects, and for this reason it is a non-finalized loan. There will be no restrictions on the project to be implemented, but some features of the loan such as the duration that we can choose and therefore the monthly installments provided may change slightly depending on the purpose that we will choose.

After specifying the amount we need, clicking on ” Calculate the loan ” we will present the best proposals of Astrofinance. The financing options that will be calculated by the loan simulator will differ for the duration of the repayment plan. Thanks to the ability to immediately compare all the possible solutions for the amount of money we need, we can identify at a glance the most convenient solution based on what our needs are. In particular, it is important to observe the expected monthly repayment installment, which should not be too high to avoid repayment problems in the future. At the same time increasing the duration too much, the risk is that of being faced with too high a cost for the interests.

To know in detail the conditions for the consolidation of Astrofinance debts, it is useful to look at some examples. Simulating a request of 30,000 euros for the realization of “Various Projects”, the lowest installment is the one relating to the loan with a duration of 84 months. In this case the monthly payment will be 463.20 euros, with a fixed Tan of 7.70% and a fixed Taeg of 7.98%. In the event that the total amount you want to apply with Astrofinance debt consolidation is equal to 50,000 euros, then obviously the expense you will have to face each month will be higher. Also in this case the maximum duration that can be set is equal to 84 months. The monthly repayment installments will be € 771.90, while the interest rates applied by Astrofinance will be a 7.70% Tan and a 7.97% Taeg.