City of New Tecumseth to Convert Former Alliston School to New Town Hall


ALLISTON, ONT. – New Tecumseth City Council voted to convert an old school in Alliston to a new town hall, with the winning bid amounting to $ 14.5 million.

The current town hall was built in 1986, and according to Mayor Rick Milne it is no longer big enough.

“The population then was around 8,000. Now we are around 41,000, and it’s about time. We need a bigger building,” he said.

The money to pay for the new town hall will come from reserves and bonds, but some in the community believe the funds could be better spent.

Joe Feiner is a community activist who ended a two-week hunger strike in hopes of influencing council priorities.

He wants a referendum.

Feiner works in construction and has a long history of volunteering in community service organizations. He believes the project will cost more than $ 20 million with the inflated price of materials.

Feiner wants the council to invest money in health care and said city councilors had ignored his concerns and those of others.

“This advice can no longer be trusted,” he said.

Alliston Union Public School has been vacant since the municipality bought the property in 2016.

Milne said the city planned to use part of the existing structure to create a new facility in the city center, adding that the door was now closed to debate.

“We don’t all agree on everything, which is great, but at the end of the day the council walks out as a unit, and we support whatever the council majority is,” the mayor concluded.

With the call for tenders awarded, construction could begin as early as mid-July.


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