City launches new parking initiative


In response to concerns expressed by residents living on streets near beaches, the Town of Wasaga Beach has launched a new parking initiative to encourage people to park on municipal lands.

In recent years, municipal law enforcement has observed an increase in car parking on residential side streets near beach areas, creating potential hazards.

After reviewing options recommended by staff, council approved the implementation of on-street paid parking in these areas to replace free parking. It is believed that this will better manage parking demand on East and West streets, as there will be a significant cost to motorists wishing to park in these areas.

To address parking issues on the following streets, particularly near access points to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, the city has implemented paid on-street parking:

  • Cedarlane Walk
  • Earl Street
  • Mary Street
  • 37e Rue Nord until 40e North Street.
  • 68e North Street.

The city has prioritized these locations due to parking congestion in the past, with people parking on both sides of the street, creating hazards and causing complaints from many residents.

On-street parking rates are $2 every 30 minutes, making municipal parking lots a much more cost-effective option.

For example, street parking for an average day trip of eight to 10 hours would cost around $44, compared to $10 to $20 at municipal lots.

Ultimately, the city hopes the project will encourage motorists to use the more affordable options found in city and provincial parks.

As part of the project, the city is using Honk Mobile, a service that uses a phone app to provide customers with contactless parking options. With signage and smart phone capabilities, customers can scan a QR code with their phone to pay for parking.

Residents with municipal parking passes can use them to park in designated street parking areas.

The city is trying this system to address concerns that have been received. If you have any comments, please address them to the undersigned.

For more information, contact Rachael Ivak, Municipal Law Enforcement Coordinator. Their contact details can be found on the right side of this page (at the bottom on your mobile device).


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