Birdwatchers from out of state fly over area for birding festival – Port Arthur News



A group of bird watchers from various states gathered at McFaddin Beach on Monday as they began the end of a multi-day tour to the upcoming Rio Grande Valley Bird Watching Festival.

Chartered by the Beaumont Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the group of bird watchers from Arizona, Minnesota and Austin stood along the shore with binoculars and telescopes to watch birds on an otherwise calm beach.

“They are here to bird watch the upper gulf coast and then they will go to the festival, which is the lower gulf coast,” said John Beaver, who served as a tour guide with the CVB. “They’ve been here since Friday. We are bird watching today (Monday) and tomorrow we are heading south to Texas.

Arrived Friday, the group did not stagnate.

They started in the Piney Woods near Houston; then Sunday went to Anahuac and the Bolivar peninsula; and on Monday, they visited McFadding Beach, Pleasure Island and Cattail Marsh.

“The tour was really good, lots of great birds,” said Loren Alvin, who is from Minnesota with his wife Pam. “But my biggest complaint is the food – too much and too good.”

Southeast Texas is known for its birding sites, as there are hundreds of different birds that enthusiasts might not find elsewhere.

According to the CVB, Cattail Marsh is home to 250 species of birds and the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge has around 280.

Once at the festival, bird watchers will be treated to more than 120 field trips over five days, speakers, a trade fair, silent auctions and a chance to meet bird watchers from across the country.

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