Bernier stops in Bradford to meet supporters, candidates


People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier stopped by Lions Park Wednesday morning to meet with candidates and supporters as part of his campaign tour

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was in town Wednesday morning at Lions Park, where he arranged to meet with supporters and candidates, including York-Simcoe PPC candidate Michael Lotter.

Bernier is touring Simcoe County this week, with stops planned in Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Barrie and Midland.

“Thank you for coming to our little corner of the world to carry the message of freedom to Canadians,” Lotter told Bernier.

“Thank you for being here and helping us rebuild this country,” Bernier told the group.

The PPC claims to be the populist party “that does things differently”. The four principles of the platform are individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect and fairness.

A hot topic for the 2021 election is the COVID-19 vaccine. Bernier said he was neither for nor against the COVID-19 vaccine and that he supported freedom of choice, but that he was not in favor of vaccine passports.

“We are against vaccine passports, we believe that everyone should have a choice whether or not they want the vaccine. We believe in freedom of choice,” he said.

Bernier is also against lockdowns, calling them “illegal, immoral and unconstitutional” and promising to fight to prevent them from recurring amid the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Rather than blockages, he said Canadians must learn to live with COVID-19.

“We have to get back to normal as soon as possible,” he said. “Right now our country is bankrupt because of COVID-19. “

Bernier acknowledged that the virus can be fatal, but especially “for the elderly with co-morbidities”.

He added, “We know we need to protect these people, and the provincial and federal governments haven’t. “

Bernier spoke about his recent arrest in Manitoba earlier this summer after he organized a political rally that was not allowed at the time due to COVID-19 collection restrictions.

“This is Canada in 2021, this is what you call political repression,” he said.

He also criticized Trudeau’s spending during the pandemic to help businesses.

“They (business owners) didn’t want money for the government, they just wanted to be open and work for themselves,” he said.

He called it irresponsible to lower taxes with borrowed money and said that Canadians pay the country’s deficits through inflation, which he called a “hidden tax” that lowers the power of purchase and standard of living.

“We have to be financially responsible,” he said.

Bernier said he would pledge to get rid of federal funding for mainstream media like CBC and the United Nations (UN), which he called “dysfunctional” because the majority of the 195 countries involved in the UN are not westernized.

“We don’t want to spend money there,” he said. “The other political parties are globalists, but we will work with Canadians and make sure we keep our country sovereign and independent.

The PPC operates on the same platform that was introduced in 2019, except for Budget Balancing, which has been extended from two to four years. Part of the platform calls for “sustainable immigration” – accepting fewer resettled refugees and limiting the number of immigrants accepted under the family reunification program.

“We want fewer immigrants and immigration policy must be in line with our economic needs,” Bernier told the group at Lions Park. “It is a privilege to be Canadian and we will welcome people who want to come here if they share our values ​​and add something to our economy.”

Bernier said Canadians are now living in a “socialist era”, in part thanks to today’s racial and identity politics, and criticized Justin Trudeau’s financial support program for black business owners during the pandemic .

“They focus on ethnicity, your skin color, to give you privileges. It’s not our way. Everyone is equal under the law, we won’t make a program like that, we will. abolish, and if we have a program for entrepreneurs, it will be for all entrepreneurs, ”he said.

Bernier called Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party “morally and intellectually corrupt”, aiming to be in power by following the Liberals’ point of view on hot issues, including vaccine passports, the drug tax. carbon and immigration.

“They are doing politics on the basis of polls and surveys. It gives more credibility to this leftist narrative,” he said, claiming: “Now we are the only real conservative party, and they are only conservative in name. “

He warned, “We cannot take our freedom for granted. Our freedoms are attacked by the awakened, by leftist activist journalists.

Bernier is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the political party leaders’ debate on September 8 and 9.

“It will be very interesting because now Canadians will get to know us … A lot of Canadians don’t know we exist,” he said, telling the crowd: “I need your support, I need your support. need your vote …

“Canadians need a voice in Ottawa.

He recognized that his party is small but growing. As of today, there are 250 approved PPC applicants registered in Canada, which is expected to reach over 300 by the weekend.

“I believe we have more support than what we see in the polls right now,” Bernier said. “I may not be prime minister after the election, but we are going and this party is there and we will have this voice of freedom in parliament and start this revolution.”

Holland Landing couple Nikola and Pauline Koncurat were among the supporters who attended Wednesday’s meeting.

“We support our leader,” Nikola said.

“I believe in freedom and that is his approach (to politics),” added Pauline.

Lotter was pleased with the participation in the Bradford event.

“The support is there. We didn’t have 1,000 people but we have enough people to keep spreading the word and that’s what matters,” he said.

Lotter said he felt more confident this time around as the PPC candidate for York-Simcoe, compared to 2019.

“We have reasons why we have elections and it is because people are unhappy with what is happening,” he said. “People want to come out, people are tired and want a change and that’s what’s going to force people to come out and vote.”

To learn more about the PPC Party platform, visit their website here.

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