Beach Boys Levi Miller Solly McLeod Isabella Pappas Lou Lobell Izuka Hoyle – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Galway Film Festival winners Andy & Ryan Tohill (Excavation) are set to direct newcomer Levi Miller (Kraven the hunter), Solly McLeod (star of the upcoming ITV series Tom Jones)Isabelle Pappas (Find Alice), Lou Llobell (Foundation), and Izuka Hoyle (Mary Queen of Scots) in beach boys. Scripted by Malachi Smyth, the film will be picked up at the Cannes Market by Hyde Park International.

Don’t let the title fool you, there is no harmony here. Pic is set during a long summer night when a group of well-to-do college students are celebrating the end of term and run into a group of young locals who have also gone to the same beach to party. Rather than sharing a beach big enough for everyone, each side claims absolute rights to it, which leads to confrontation, violence and ultimately tragedy for all. The film was developed with support from Northern Ireland Screen.

“We are extremely thrilled to collaborate with such an incredible group of up-and-coming and talented actors,” the directors said. “Together we will leave the sunny sands and descend into the darkness of the Beach Boys, where reason and patience give way to mistrust and prejudice. An intense, pressure-cooker thriller that will leave audiences cowering for the safety of a primitive campfire.

Producers are Lee Brazier of Mr.B Films (Yesterday) Ben Pullen of Sentinel Entertainment (The score, Sentinel) and Jon Silk of Silk Mass (Night walk and to come The black demon). The Tohills are represented by Management 360 and ICM. Levi Miller is replaced by Rogue, Verve and Eaton. Lou Lobell is replaced by Vivienne Clore and ICM. Solly McLeod is replaced by The Artists Partnership, CAA and The UnTseen. Izuka Hoyle is replaced by Vivienne Clore and Isabella Pappas is replaced by 42.


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